The Marketing of the LiveStrong Braclet


In 2004, LiveStrong bracelets become a global phenomenon. Lance Armstrong began his charity in 1997 when he was diagnosed with cancer. (

The yellow icon bracelet is made out of silicone gel and was developed by Nike and its ad agency and started a trend for many other organizations. At one point you could look around and see different colored wristbands on people’s wrist. The bracelet was becoming a symbol of LiveStrong and cancer survivors.



Nike realized the huge potential in branding this bracelet as its own long before other companies and organizations caught on.

First Nike released its line of LiveStrong apparel that ranged from everything from LiveStrong shoes to socks, to gloves and bags. These items brought it huge amounts of revenue with some of it going directly toward the fight for cancer.

Next Nike and Livestrong worked together to form LiveStrong events such as triathlons, marathons and riding. These events have become so widely popular that races fill up quickly. These events are symbols of how people are fighting to beat cancer, again an inspiration to all.

Last LiveStrong and Nike formed “Team LiveStrong” which is a sponsorship platform to raise money since LiveStrong is a nonprofit organization. In a nonprofit, the team running the program must find ways to get money into the organization to continue making a different. Team LiveStrong was successful because it put the power to raise money directly in people’s hands and a lot of people wanted be a part of that.

I think LiveStrong is so popular and successful because it has authenticity, personality and builds community by having people work towards a common goal – beat cancer.

Also behind what LiveStrong looks like, is what is actually stands for. You are “living strong” it not only fits the beliefs of cancer patients, but gives everyone else a sense of inspiration. It tugs on people’s heart strings, both athletes and average people.

Take a look at some of Nike and LiveStrong’s advertising and see how they branded themselves into a “bad ass cancer kicking brand” who does a lot for cancer patients and the community.

Nike also follows basic PR principles with social media. Take a look at the LiveStrong blog and twitter.

Official LiveStrong Blog
LiveStrong twitter

What do you guys think of LiveStrong? I look to it as an inspiration to get out there and run and help change lives, not to mention I love the “bad ass-ness” of the black and yellow apparel!

Go LiveStrong!

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