A Spring, Break.


Six days off. Six glorious days! Spring break came and flew by and as I find myself getting ready to head back to school and work tomorrow, I am dragging my feet.

I got to spend my spring break in 80 degree weather, and guess what, I didn’t drive thousands of miles and spend hundreds of dollars to get there. Northeast, Ohio was blessed with amazing weather this past week. Beautiful!

I fit in five straight days of running this week — it was amazing. Every morning I would get up whenever and seriously just go hit the road. It became a great routine.

Monday, I tried fitting in some school work (I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished.) I ended up heading to Painesville and walking along the scenic Grand River with the BF in a local park.

The Grand River

The Grand River

Tuesday I got my nails done with one of my girlfriends and Wednesday I fit in a long run — a little less than six miles, all over Chardon, it was beautiful.

Wednesday was also shopping with mom day and we went up and had lunch by the lake. We were total goofballs and it was a great time, I’m a mama’s girl for life! We ended up stopping at the grocery store and buying tons of food and sat outside on the back deck drinking wine and eating about a billion calories. The BF joined later and I really loved every part of the day — why can’t every day be just that good?

On Thursday I actually buckled down and got some work done, only later to close the day watching two hours of America’s Funniest Home Videos with my parents, seriously we were rolling laughing so hard.

Friday I stopped by the BF’s house to see his adorable niece Kenzie and had lunch there, then I packed up my car and headed back to Kent. I was there long enough to curl my hair and then it was off to pick up my friend and we headed to Mount Union for a much needed girls night with two other girlfriends from high school.

Girl's Night at Mount

Girl's Night at Mount

Saturday, my last day off, the BF came to Kent and we spent the day eating and napping — how amazing is that? When was the last time I napped? Later we went out to the Kent bars with some friends and just had a great time.

Then this morning I had to get up early and headed back to working at the local grocery store, and tomorrow I head back to Cleveland at 9 a.m. for my internship. Woof.

Although I ran the majority of my break, I pretty much consumed half my body weight in delicious food (and I loved every minute of it.) But I am eager to head back to the gym and eat healthy again.

I wish I felt a little more recharged and motivated but I can’t change that, my alarm clock will still go off tomorrow morning and there are still places I need to be with people expecting me there.

You just gotta keep running!

Let me know what you think!

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