You have to be willing to get happy about nothing.


I texted my friend a joke the other day. I had run into a mutal friend of ours and I texted her a funny quote we used to say about an inside joke.  

“I love it! Another reason to not be mad at the world.” Is what she texted back to me.

I stared at the text for a second and laughed.

Lately I have been so stressed and worried and anxious. Between switching internships, graduating in two months, problems with the boyfriend, problems with my roommate, stressing about money and so much more…I think I have been mad at the world in general. Forgetting to enjoy simple things, forgetting to laugh, forgetting to be grateful for the path I am on, forgetting to pray, forgetting to treat others kindly…  

I have been so focused on the negative — of the hardships at hand. I’ve overlooked every good thing that has been happening and only saw the bad. I don’t think I have been much fun to be around to be honest, too worried, too stressed, too angry.

I have tried to be superwoman yet again, and failed.  

I wrote on piece of paper “reasons to not be mad at the world…” And it sits on my desk and stares back at me. I see the list everyday. I’ve jotted things down here and there over the past couple of days. Anything from “Seeing a beautiful sunset” to “Great run today” has been added to the list.

Sometimes it’s hard to add to, but I think it might be helping a little.

I am going to continue to write things on the list, as a reminder that this world can be as beautiful as you make.

“You have to be willing to get happy about nothing.” – Andy Warhol

3 thoughts on “You have to be willing to get happy about nothing.

  1. Ugh I feel like I have been having one of those months! But the list helps to add both a humorous and sentimental reminder of what makes life great, even when you might not believe it at the moment.

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