I am my problem, but also my solution.


I watched the movie Bridesmaids the other day. I remember seeing it in the movie theater with a couple of my roommates and laughing so hard we were practically crying. I saw it again this past weekend and one scene in the movie stood out to me. Yes, the movie is a comedy and filled with the F word and other hilarious obscenity, but one part actually made me stop and think.

Towards the end of the movie one of the bridesmaids, Megan, shows up at the main character’s house. The main character’s name is Annie and she is lying on the couch too depressed about her life to get up. She recently ruined her best friend’s wedding, lost her job, pushed away the guy she likes and now lives with her mother. It’s a comical scene. Megan shows up and starts lecturing Annie about how she can’t just sit around feeling sorry for herself. She has to get up and fight for her life, not let it beat her up. Megan is a larger girl and starts poking Annie pretty hard in the chest. Soon, Megan has Annie in a headlock and is basically beating her up. The whole thing is funny and awkward. But Megan says a few things in the scene that got my attention.

As Megan continues to prod and poke Annie, she says:

“Am I bothering you? I’m life. Life bothering you? Life’s hard, huh? Life can push you around. I’m your life. You’re gonna let life bite you on the ass? I’m trying to get you to fight for your shitty life and you won’t do it. I’m your shitty life Annie.”

Megan pretty much gets Annie in a headlock at this point.

“You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. I do not associate with people that blame the world for their problems cause you’re your problem Annie, and you’re also your solution. You get that?”

Now I’m not saying that my life is terrible. But, there are a few things that seem a little out of my control lately. I was kind of stuck like Annie and just felt sorry for myself. I wasn’t fighting to be happy. I wasn’t fighting to stick up for myself. I wasn’t really doing anything and I just felt miserable.

This week I plan to change everything. I’m going to work really hard and rock at my two jobs and rock my workouts. I’m going to do everything I can to change the unfortunate events that are going on around me; instead of sitting around upset and saying I can’t do anything to fix it.

Because in the words of Megan:

I need to stop feeling sorry for myself. I am my problem, but I’m also my solution.

Keep running. Keep laughing. Keep fighting.

2 thoughts on “I am my problem, but also my solution.

  1. Hi Karen — I did check out that song, very nice! I’ve never heard of her before, she’s good! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You should check out the song “Run Away With Me” by Charity Vance. (iTunes, YouTube, charityvance.net)

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