My Summer Uniform.


As summer rounds to a close and I start eyeing adorable fall fashion, I think back to my summer staples. Here is a list of my 2012 summer duds that helped complete a great summer.

A black tank dress. Mine is in black with tiny white stripes on it, Old Navy clearance rack (around l2 bucks, great right?) A plan black dress will work as well, but it needs to be flowy and loose.

I wore my dress to the boyfriend’s family reunion this summer. I wore a thick black belt to dress it up, and once I changed into my bathing suit, I slipped the dress back on but left the belt off. Voilá! Instant bathing suit cover-up. The boyfriend’s sister even asked “is that the same dress you had on before?” You can easily dress up or dress down a classic black tank dress.

White shorts and wedges. I love this look. It’s a regular ‘night out at the bars’ look for me. I’m not a fan of shorts and high heels though. Not a lot of girls can pull it off. You have to have toned legs and small thighs and although I run and workout a lot, I probably wouldn’t attempt it. Instead I pair the shorts with nude wedges. (Plus wedges are way easier to walk in than heels, right?) Every guy loves a girl in the summer with tan legs and white shorts, plus nude shoes always make your legs look longer.

The Infamous Kim Kardashian sporting the look.

The Infamous Kim Kardashian sporting the look.

I am obsessed with large statement necklaces. Heck, I might even carry this trend over into fall! Nothing brings an outfit more together than a great necklace. But be careful not to pair a great necklace with an outfit that doesn’t need it. I have a lot of girlfriends who tend to over accessorize, and then their potentially cute outfit just looks mangled. Instead focus on just the necklace. What color looks good against it? What neckline would highlight it? This summer I have been obsessed with a large turquoise necklace my roommate got me. I often paired it with bright shades of blue and plum. Together the two colors look artistic, put together and a perfect outfit for a summer date night.

Blazers. I am a fan of pretty much any style or color of blazer because it makes you look confident and savvy. However, this summer I was really into my white and navy blue striped blazer. It might have been the summer look and feel to it, but I often paired it with navy blue bottoms and then pulled my hair up into a ballerina bun. I would wear a long strand of pearls with this look a lot too. This combo is perfect for the office or for just walking around shopping. My blazer had elbow length sleeves so I could still stay cool while wearing it in the summer.

So there’s a brief rundown of my 2012 summer staples. I’ll get a bit more use out of them this summer, at least until Labor Day.

I cannot wait to see what H&M has for its fall collection. Maybe I’ll write a fall preview of fall staples – probably not though. I’m good at knowing what looks good on, not predicting it. I believe you have to know what style your body shape can rock. If you can’t rock it or you don’t feel confident, ditch it. (The same rule applies to men.)

What’s your summer fashion go to?

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