The official end of a chapter: graduating from KSU!


I did it!!!

I am such a proud little graduate, and I have every right to be! I worked my butt off taking six classes and working two jobs this summer, let alone working hard the past four years. It was all worth it though when I got to walk across that stage Saturday. It was all worth it when I saw my family in the crowd cheering and waving at me, and it was all worth it getting the honor to walk next to four other very talented PR grads. The whole day was just fabulous. I kept telling myself to cherish it and to remember it. Later that night my old roommate (I guess I can say, college roommate now, huh?) and some friends met me and the boyfriend out at the bar. We had such a great time reminiscing about the past four years and just being goofy like the old days.

Proud parents, and even more proud graduate.

Proud parents, and even more proud graduate.

So what’s next? Where am I going now in life? This has been what I have been working so hard for – a degree and the chance to say I’m a proud Kent State graduate. Truly I have started a new chapter in my life. So now what?

I’ve been interning in the PR/Marketing department at Robinson Memorial Hospital since May. One of my supervisors is going on maternity leave in January, so I’ve been asked to stay until March to help with the work load. I am very excited about this opportunity because I believe healthcare PR is the direction I want to take my career. And oh ya, did I mention I start getting paid now?! My roommates and I used to joke that I only did PR as a hobby because I’ve had four unpaid internships. I often screamed in frustration “Is someone ever going to pay me for doing PR!?” And yes, finally yes.

So I’m only working at the hospital three days a week (more come January) and I’m feeling the need to somehow fill my time doing something of value until then. But what? I’ve been running a lot, and when the weather gets colder I plan on getting a pass to the YMCA and joining some classes, possibly even a volleyball team. I signed up for a 1 credit yoga class for 16 weeks up at a local community college. I also left word with the coach of the 7th grade volleyball team at the local catholic grade school in town, St. Marys, which I attended for six years. I would looove to help out coaching a volleyball team. I also researched some local charities too and sent a few emails out asking for more information about volunteering opportunities. I know I’m still gaining great experience at the hospital and I’m going to gain a lot more leadership experience staying there for a few more months, but I also want to feel of value in other aspects of my life too.

Any ideas?

So that’s basically a quick run down of life. Right now. This very second. (Besides the fact that I’m about to leave to meet my best friends from high school at the bar for a 23rd birthday celebration! I’m so excited to see them! But seriously when did we start turning 23?!)

I think you just have to have a plan in life, not an exact route. I reached my goals for the college chapter of life. I can’t wait to see the goals I set for myself this chapter, and I can’t want to accomplish them later on down the road.

Keep running!

The top of my cap for graduation.

The top of my cap for graduation.

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