NLA For Her – Vanilla Cupcake Her Whey Review


I was offered the chance to be a beta tester for an awesome line of women’s supplements — NLA For Her. The company was looking for 12 women to review a new flavor of whey protein. I didn’t even have to think twice when I read the flavor we would be able to possibly test – Vanilla Cupcake.

Let me put it quickly and simply – the new NLA Vanilla Cupcake Her Whey flavor will be the best thing for fitness girls since sports bras were invented. It ROCKS!

Flavor Review: I mixed the whey powder with milk, then added some almond milk to thicken it up, then topped it off with some cinnamon. I basically thought I was eating a cinnamon cupcake.

Mixability Review: At first I stirred everything in a glass with a spoon, but soon realized I needed to get a protein shaker to fully mix everything together. (That’s common for basically any type of powder drink mix though.) I made a shake first and then made a thick batch with just almond milk to make a protein pancake. The pancake was super quick and will be my go-to breakfast for Saturday mornings. It tasted like a maple cinnamon pancake – and ladies no syrup will be needed since it’s very sweet already. I’m just imagining this pancake topped with Greek yogurt and berries. What an awesome, clean treat to curb a sweet tooth! When the fiance is making his famous Nutella pancakes for his niece on Saturday mornings, I’ll be whipping up a quick batch of cupcake pancakes instead.

rotein Pancake - just water and whey mix
Protein Pancake – just water and whey mix

I’m also impressed with the 28grams of protein to keep you feeling fuller longer. I cannot wait to purchase this flavor and make tons of clean recipes.

NLA – another superior product for fitness chicks! Thank you for acknowledging our love of cupcakes and giving us a clean way to enjoy them! (Let’s be honest, not matter what our fitness goals or intentions are, women still love cupcakes. Guilty!)

NLA is one of my favorite fitness brands and companies. NLA also sponsors some of the most bad ass women athletes around. Follow them on Instagram to fill your newsfeed with motivation and inspiration.  Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find:

NLA sponsored athlete: Amy Updike
NLA sponsored athlete: Amy Updike
NLA sponsored athlete: Jessica Arevalo
NLA sponsored athlete: Jessica Arevalo
NLA sponsored athlete: Jessie Hilgenberg
NLA sponsored athlete: Jessie Hilgenberg

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