Ironman 70.3 Training – Week 3


This past week’s training went much better than week 2! I am FINALLY starting to feel better and my coughing is at a minimum. It’s amazing to experience life again without constantly coughing! (My cough lasted nearly 8 weeks!!)

I got in a solid 7 days this week and felt amazing. In previous training plans I always incorporated a rest day, however this one doesn’t give me a rest day for a few weeks still. (When we really start ramping up the mileage and it makes more sense.) However I feel good despite no rest day.

Here’s a rundown of the week:

Total Training Time: Six hours, 23 minutes
Total Mileage: 47 miles

week3-trainingI got super bored during the swim this week. I’ve mentioned before that during these first couple of weeks of training that I really want to focus on drills and form rather than distance. I found myself wishing for some underwater headphones though because I was actually just SO bored! I kept telling myself that sitting in the hot tub after my swim was my “reward”.

I’m still riding a spin bike for my training. My road bike is packed away somewhere at my mother-in-laws and will require digging it out and then getting a tune-up. I’ve been thinking about getting another road bike and just transferring my aero bars to the new one, but we will see. I’m not trying to spend that much since it’s not completely necessary and I just want a new bike 🙂  It might still be a few weeks until I can start getting outside with this typical bipolar Northeast Ohio weather.

I had my first “long” run this past weekend on Easter Sunday. I did 7.5 miles. I set out to do anything between 7 and 8, so I felt OK about my effort. I got nervous last week after I looked at the calendar and realized I only have six weeks left until my first half marathon of the year. (Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon.) It probably won’t be a PR race for me, but at least it will motivate me to get out there and cover some distance.

Happy Training Friends!


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