Ironman 70.3 Training – Week 5! {Work Hard, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It}


I cannot believe we’ve already made it 5 weeks of training! (Only 19 more weeks to go – haha.)

This week I hit my total mileage max so far – 50 miles! AND I even took an unexpected rest day on Thursday because my body was sore and I felt a little under the weather.

week5 I was dreading my swim per usual this week. I am just so bored and I get tired (wah) and the water is always cold and I just haven’t wanted to swim lately!! (I know, poor me.) Anyone else get like this? It’s just annoying and I hate it. I would give anything for a OWS clinic right about now!

This week I was in the pool and in the middle of my 33 laps (1 mile) and was nearing lap 20. I looked over and saw an older, super athletic guy walk into the pool with a swim cap, flippers, etc. (Basically you could tell he was a genius swimmer and athlete). “Great he’s gonna pass me up and this is gonna be even more miserable.” I thought to myself as I kept swimming/keeping an eye on him. He started swimming laps too and at one point I was at one end getting a drink of water and he swam over to me. “You are taking too big of kicks with your stroke…” He began…and that basically started a 20 minute, AWESOME personal swim lesson! The guy was like an open book and super knowledgeable! He even offered me some of his equipment to use. He was so friendly and helpful. I don’t know who he was and I never caught his name, but I was sure glad he decided to swim at the same time as me! I’m hoping to run into him again and to get more swim tips. Meeting him definitely helped with my “pool boredom”!

This weekend I had to get in my long run and it was FREEZING outside. (We got a TON of snow…stupid snow…) I had 10 miles on the schedule and I just couldn’t mentally run outside in the cold again. I decided I was going to bite the bullet and run on the treadmill at the gym. I broke up the run into 2, five-mile runs. I stopped the treadmill after the first 5 miles and took a gel and drank some water and then I was off again. This actually really helped me mentally and taking the gel made me feel great (unlike during last week’s long run). I feel a lot more confident after the 10 miles because I felt so great!

Here’s to another full week of training and working hard – even when we may not feel like it! CHEERS!


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