70.3 Training Week 13 {Recap}


This week’s training wasn’t as long as I’d hoped for, but it was still decent and much better than last week. I was pretty excited to jump back in after a three-day break over the long Memorial Day weekend.

I felt like my training was actually FUN this past week, which helps a lot. Sometimes it can feel like a chore and feels forced, this week was fun though and I did a few different things to help break it up.

week-13I did a 20-mile ride with Cleveland Triathlon Club on Wednesday night. The weather was beautiful and the people were fun. I also did a tough workout on my lunch break that day with a few friends at work. Working out with my coworkers forces me to think of new workouts to help switch it up, rather than just sticking with the basics. We did a HIIT session with 2-minute sprints on the treadmill followed by 2-minutes of fast-paced weights. My goal for each workout with my coworkers is to be sore by the end since it’s basically my only day of weight training during the week. I also went up to the trails in Willoughby Hills on Thursday night and I had a blast running 5-miles in the woods. It’s great to switch it up instead of pounding the pavement on my normal, usual running route.

CTC-brick-ridetrail-runThis Saturday is my first official race of the season. It seems weird that I haven’t raced at all yet, not even little races. I’ve mentioned before that my goal for this summer is different than it has been in past years. I wanted quality training time this summer so instead of filling up my weekends with little races that didn’t really matter, (like I had in past years) I was selective about the races I would be doing. This weekend will be my second ever Olympic distance triathlon. I am nervous about the swim (like any other triathlon of course), but my first Olympic swim last year in July went insanely well. I’m hoping for the same turnout again this weekend!

Since I hadn’t worn my wet suit since last summer and the beach park still isn’t open yet (where I normally do open water swims), I figured I might as well do a test run in the pool at my gym! I knew it was going to be weird, but I knew I’d feel better if I practiced with my wet suit on. Of course I got quite a few stares and a few comments from old men, but I’m glad I did it. I am a little nervous though because my wet suit feels pretty tight. I remember it being semi tight last year, but I was a little shocked to remember it was actually THIS tight. I spent a good chunk of time during the first part of my swim trying to calm myself down. I was panicking because it was tight and I couldn’t take a deep breathe. I instantly started panicking even more because I was panicking in the pool! If I was this bad in the safety of a pool, how was I going to handle the open water with other swimmers splashing all around me?! Finally I told myself  to go super slow and to find a rhythm. In past races I conquer the swim when I can hear the rhythm of my stroke. Left, right, kick, kick, left, right, kick, kick…for some reason if I focus on this then I calm down and I start working like a machine just plugging away. When I finally got to this point in the pool, I felt better. I know I’m going to be even more nervous on Saturday and I will probably have a moment of panic as I did in the pool, but I have to remember it will pass when I find the rhythm and when I get away from the chaos of the start. I can do it! Mind over matter and staying relaxed and calm is my best defense. I know I can swim the distance, it’s conquering the fear that is the tough part.

??????????I also got in a good 30-mile ride on my bike on Friday morning. I got up at 4:30AM and watched three episodes of the Real Housewives (LOL) I was in my happy place.

??????????This past week I also stopped to stock up on GU and other training products as my stash was running low. Man do these little guys add up quick!

Gu-fill-upOverall it was a really great week and I’m happy I found some enjoyment in training again. Between workouts and packing and unpacking gym bags and gear bags and hanging up towels and wet bathing suits, I stumbled into our guest bedroom to find this hot mess:

pathetic-triathlete-postI posted about it on the Pathetic Triathletes Facebook page, which is a great outlet for triathletes. If you don’t already follow them I encourage you to look it up!

Happy training week 14! We are officially in the last 10 weeks of training! CHEERS!

3 thoughts on “70.3 Training Week 13 {Recap}

  1. Oh my goodness, you definitely won’t be undertrained! I admire your dedication to following through so well on the training. Congrats on your first race this year! Sounds like it went so well. I understand the “not getting on the scale thing”. See below….

    I am not injured; I had a baby and am taking the correct steps to get back in the game correctly. So many women don’t understand pelvic floor and diatasis recti. They are out there doing running up to their due date and then again at 6 weeks postpartum and that is a very horrible thing to do for the body. I’m working with a PT to make sure every duck is in a line and starting back slowly and in an appropriate manner. I just get antsy because I haven’t done a race in nearly 2 years! PS Staying off the scale is definitely a good thing when you are up and down 30 lbs within a year. 😉

  2. Thanks for reading! I think I will forever feel like I’m “undertrained” because it’s my greatest fear! It’s like I can’t comprehend the miles I am putting in each week and I always think I need to be doing more! Sorry to hear about being sidelined – injuries are so, SO frustrating!! 😦

    Great question, but I haven’t weighted myself since April! In April I was down 14 pounds since January (the normal “holiday fluff :)), but I had only lost 4 lbs recently when I decided to ditch the scale and pick up measuring instead. Like you mentioned, the muscle mass gain can be pretty significant and when I came to a standstill on the scale I made the decision to stop weighting myself and to start taking measurements – and my what a difference that has made!! I measure about once a month and my numbers are significantly lower each time. And the best part is I don’t get “bummed” out like I do when I step on the scale – even though I have repeatedly told myself that the number on the scale doesn’t matter – especially when you are a legit athlete and doing some serious training.

    I think I’ll probably weight myself again near the big race just because I’m curious too, but ditching the scale has been a really great thing for me. Like I said I don’t get bummed out over it and I really, truly focus on being able to perform the best I can during races and training!

  3. Been following your your blog this whole time and send huge kuddos your way! I’m wondering how all this training is affecting your body? Gaining weight? Losing weight? Etc? I feel like the gain in muscle mass would be enormous (a good thing in my mind). During my cross country coaching days I would weigh 10 lbs more during the season, all muscle. I’m so jealous / in awe of you! Best of luck at your first race! I feel like I’ve been sidelined forever so enjoy reading about others journeys.

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