Training Week 15 {& The Championship Title}


First and foremost — GO CAVS!!! The city of Cleveland is on fire! The drought is finally over! After 52 years, Cleveland has a reason to celebrate!

My training this week wasn’t nearly as exciting as the Cavs game last night, but it still went well. I totaled 76.11 miles this week in 10 hours and 27 minutes.

Week-15I went to an outdoor bootcamp on Tuesday and absolutely destroyed my legs with lunges and squats. The next day I rode 20-miles with Cleveland Triathlon Club and was SO slow because I was SO sore. My quads and glutes were shaking with every hill we climbed. Then on Thursday I killed an hour swim workout and my body was beat for the rest of the day. On Friday morning I set out to run 5-miles before work, but the morning was so beautiful and nice that I couldn’t stop! I ended up doing 8.3 miles and then had to speed to work (ha ha!). It was a tough, but good week of training and I enjoyed the challenges.

Saturday I got up super early to get in a long ride and run. We had a wedding at 2PM and I knew it was going to be a race against the clock. I road 35 miles and then did a 10K run. Overall it took me about 3.5 hours and we just barely made it on time to the ceremony. The rest of the day I was hobbling around on tired, sore legs but I loved the workout I got in and it was at my favorite park. I had a blast jamming to music on the run and just enjoyed being outside in the sun. Everything FINALLY feels like summer and I can’t believe it’s happening!!

sat-bike-ridesat-runSunday we slept in — you know after putting back a few glasses of wine at the wedding the night before 🙂

See I can wear something other than bike shorts and tennis shoes :)

See I can wear something other than bike shorts and tennis shoes 🙂

The weather was beautiful on Sunday and we headed to Fairport Harbor to go paddle boarding. I love paddle boarding! Something about being out in the middle of the lake and going at your own pace — plus it’s a great workout. If you haven’t tried it yet check it out! The rental price is very decent too. I brought my swim stuff with me since there is a lap lane in the harbor, but I just wasn’t feeling it afterwards. We headed over to our friend’s pool after the beach, but the water was freezing cold so we just sat on the deck and chatted.

Then we headed home and another friend picked us up shortly after to head to a bar to watch the big Cavs game. What a fun time! We had a group of 10 people and we all went wild when we won. Fireworks blasted in the background and we hugged random strangers. It really felt like summer as we celebrated out on the back patio and it was awesome to be experiencing the win for Cleveland. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but so SO fun!

sun-cavs-winWe are thinking of taking Wednesday off work this week to head downtown for the Cavs homecoming parade, so that should be an experience! I’m also excited for this weekend because my mom is coming up from Cincinnati and we are doing a 30-mile ride together in the Metroparks. It’s a great time for Cleveland and I’m really proud to call this city home!

We Defended The Land!! Happy Training Week 16!

(And happy “official” first day of summer!)


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