Ironman Training Week 8 {RECAP}


Not much to report with training week 8 — and I guess that’s a good thing!

We are just plugging right along with the plan 🙂

Week 8
Total Mileage: 82 Miles
Total Time: 10 Hours

week8The only thing I struggled with this week is finding time to weight train. I have to be really admit about carving out time for lifting. With this training plan it’s all based on time, so if I know I have an hour run and an hour swim I have to hold myself accountable for at least 15 minutes of weight training. It’s hard because I just want to get through the planned workout and not add anything more, but I know lifting is still important. Plus I have to take into consideration being sore if I do squats/lunges the day before a long ride or run.

It’s definitely a balancing act — but I’m learning that’s what Ironman training is all about. It’s a constant balance between life and training and to never stopping juggling everything you have to do. What’s one more thing to throw in the air into the juggle, right?

weightsHappy training week 9! Cannot believe we are almost in double digits.



2 thoughts on “Ironman Training Week 8 {RECAP}

  1. I love this comment! I keep hearing “consistency” is the biggest part of training. So far I have made it through the first 10 weeks without missing a workout. I’ve had to switch around a few days here and there as stuff has came up, but you know how that is! Thanks for the kind words, advice and encouragement.

  2. The only lifting I did was lifting my bike off the car rack for my brick workouts. Stretching? Nope. Swim drills? Nope. Did I miss a few random workouts? Yep (life gets in the way…just don’t make a habit of it). Just be consistent. Balence life as best you can. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just gradually build up your endurance and your speed at lower intensity and your confidence will grow. That’s really all you need.

    Again, if I all possible, get some training on the course. Having seen it and ridden it will give you a lot of confidence.

    This is a journey. Enjoy the process. Your doing great!

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