Ironman Training — 2 Week Recap (Weeks 17 & 18)


It has been a whirlwind past few weeks. Life has consisted of — work, Ironman training and aggressively house hunting.

Week 17
Total Mileage: 102 Miles
Total Time: 11:40 Hours

Training is tedious. I also can’t help but feel like I’m never doing enough. I know after I get a few big Ironman training weekends done I will feel a little more prepared, but I can’t help but think “How is this all supposed to come together!?”

I’ve been itching to get outside, but alas the weather in Cleveland has been cold, dreary and downright unpleasant (most of the time). We’ve had a few breakthrough days, which I’ve taken advantage of, but not nearly enough.

Week 18
Total Mileage: 117
Total Time: 13:33 Hours

Week 18 was my highest mileage volume and biggest chunk of time spent training to date. I had a giant workout planned for Saturday and of course the forecast was 100% chance of rain and 40 degrees.

I did manage to swim the full Ironman distance swim however! It was a daunting task (87 laps) and I had to psych myself up for it — but I had a blast and it really helped my confidence. I finished in 1:40 exactly and I felt good during and after. I even met a fellow triathlete at the pool who did Ironman 70.3 Ohio and was training for the Mussleman Triathlon up in New York.

I love the “Women For Tri” Facebook page! It’s so supportive and friendly. I have had a few bad experiences with social media and rude triathletes, so this page is always refreshing.

After my Ironman distance swim I hopped on the trainer for 3:20 and biked 50 miles (and also lost my mind). Then I headed out in the soggy rain and ran 4 miles. I was amazed by how good I felt. My first 3 miles were in the 9:30s and then my last mile was 8:57! I did feel like I was bonking a little during the last mile, which is a reminder that I need to eat every 3 miles or so during the run. Maybe even more. I am working on nutrition and trying to figure out what works and what my plan for Lake Placid will be.

Trying to plan out tentative nutrition plans for LP!

Ahh yes the 4th discipline of triathlon…laundry and piles of things everywhere. Thank goodness we have a spare bedroom for my Ironman changing and supplies.

This weekend I am going to an all day triathlon camp with Cleveland Triathlon Club. It will be from 8AM to 8PM… And OF COURSE…it’s supposed to rain and be 50 degrees all damn day…*sigh*

That’s OK though…maybe. I’m bummed about it yes, but the fact that I get to go and train with other people will be a nice change of pace. We might end up riding inside with our trainers, but at least I will suffer in the company of others…right??

Pray for us out here training in Cleveland!!

I like this quote because this week I had a mini meltdown trying to average out my tentative finish time for LP.

I read an article about a guy who missed the cutoff by 10 minutes so he got a DNF. How heartbreaking and devastating. I texted my husband and mom freaking out saying I wasn’t going to finish and they quietly talked me off the ledge.

I need to remember that this is my journey and I am in no real danger of “not finishing”. PLUS worrying about it like an insane person doesn’t do anything for my mental health. I know this is a common fear and once again (I’ve written about this numerous times mind you) I need to relax and trust the process. I am doing everything right. This is my race and my journey.

It’s me VS. 140.6 and with every long training day it proves I am getting closer to my dream. We are just under 12 weeks out! Let’s go!

4 thoughts on “Ironman Training — 2 Week Recap (Weeks 17 & 18)

  1. Ethan — I too cannot believe we are officially in May and June. Hold on — it’s gonna get even crazier. Congrats on officially training for LP as well. It’s all about the journey. Good luck in training and in racing, would love to follow your training/racing story. See you at LP!

  2. RAY!! I cannot thank you enough for your always encouraging words and advice. “Stay away from ledges” LOL!! I also love “Remember, victory is crossing the starting line and knowing you belong there.” Very powerful stuff to think about. I will look into the athlete guide. I have a pretty good stomach and can stand almost any gel/gummmies, but I think I will order what they will have on course just to verify. Thanks for your support.

  3. Get off the ledge. You are doing great. Getting a 2.4 mile swim in WAY under the cutoff time should be a great confidence boost! But you are building endurance. You are getting better at doing things longer under less physical stress. This means that you will also go faster when you push yourself (almost all of my PRs were broken during and immediately after my IM training…none are at risk of falling now). Remember, victory is crossing the starting line and knowing you belong there. Take care of the things you have control over, don’t stress the rest. The curveballs you get on race day will likely not be what you expected. Your training will make you physically and mentally strong enough to tackle those challenges.

    Speaking of things you can control, nutrition (which you mentioned above). Download the IM Texas Athletes Guide (I assume Lake Placid 2017 is not available). Get the list of exactly what will be available to you at aid stations on the bike and run. Get it. Train with it. Can you tummy handle real food or just liquids? If you can handle real food-how much and how deep in the race? Do you need salt? Electrolytes? These come in capsules if you need more then what Gatorade can provide. If you need them, pack them in Special Needs and transition bags. What about Coke and Red Bull? Those are available I believe too.

    Soup becomes available after dark. DRINK THE SOUP! It saved my race. By dark, I could no longer stomach Gatorade or even plain water. I could double fist the soup (just chicken broth). Try it in training.

    What ended up helping me was bringing my own sports drink (IM Perform is no longer the official drink thank goodness…so I had to pack Gatorade on my bike, T1, T2, and SN bags), salt capsules, soup, and fruit (specifically grapes…my tummy was doing back flips before the run and could handle very little…but grapes gave me fluid and carbs…I could grab a cup and munch them slowly…had to ask for them at most aid stations).

    Enjoy your journey! And stay away from ledges…you’re doing great!

  4. Great recap! Im training for my first 140.6 at lake placid too, and i feel everything you’re saying. The long hours do become tedious, but it is amazing how much more capable we are now than back in january ( or whenever it all started). Ive been mentally preparing for the training volume of may and june for a long time, can’t believe we are here.

    Thank you for sharing your journey on the blog, and good luck with your training and race.

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