Training Week 9 + The Kentucky Derby


This week was a pathetic attempt at training. I looked at my weekly summary yesterday evening and have been fired up ever since.

week9I only trained for 4 hours 38 minutes this past week! What the heck! Yes I still hit 32 miles, but come on! I know I should be hitting at least 10 hours a week and I’m starting to wonder if I’m behind. I’ve said it before that I’m not following my training plan to a T, basically I use it as a reference for where I should be. I need to seriously kick it into gear though. I took two rest days this week (one planned and one not planned). I can’t get away with unplanned rest days and only training for 45 minutes some days anymore either.

I need to utilize my time better or fit in two-a-days, whether I like it or not!! It’s either fit my workouts in before AND after work or I need to get up at 4AM – and I’m being completely serious. I’m not a fan of two-a-days. Why get ready for a workout, do it, shower and then get ready twice in one day!? I like long training sessions rather than multiple short ones. At this point I need to say to myself “sacrifices must be made” and I need to suck it up and get up at 4AM a few days a week. This is WEEK 10!! I need to refocus, including my diet, which has been off too. I’m disappointed with myself for not taking this more seriously. Yes to the average person I am doing way more than usual, but for knowing myself and what I’m capable of,  I’m truly half-assing it and I needed the wake up call. I need to stop doubting and start working hard. This has been my DREAM the past three years and I’ve been giving it a lazy, pathetic attempt lately.

decide-you-want-itI was so fired up and determined to try harder this week that I got up at 4:45AM today and got in a 15-mile (hard) bike ride and then a 25-minute swim (1600 yards). I know I need to be swimming more so I started today. Also I know I need to be doing more vigorous workouts rather than just going through the motions and not trying that hard. It was a tough workout this morning and I can feel the soreness just sitting here, which is good because this is what I need!

Also I was traveling the past three weekends, which is an excuse I know, but it is another reason why my numbers were dwindling. The next two weekends I am free and plan on taking my bike out of winter retirement and getting in solid weekend training.

Here’s to a GREAT week 10 of training and relighting the fire!!

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from our weekend in Louisville, Kentucky for the 2016 derby! {It really was a blast!}