Ironman 70.3 Training {Week 16}


This week was a pretty uneventful week in my little training world.

The entire city had Cav’s fever and I chose to sleep in not once, not twice, but THREE days this week after being out late celebrating the nights before. My consequence was having to train after work and just being totally exhausted. I still managed to keep some of the training magic alive, despite feeling very tired and distracted.

Here’s how the week panned out:

week-1675 total miles and just over 10 hours of training. I didn’t take a rest day this week, but on Wednesday and Sunday I did a short 5K run both days and kept having to tell myself that it was OK. I used to think running anything under 4 miles wasn’t even a workout and that it was a complete waste of time. I think I came up with this idea somewhere in my full marathon training, but it’s time to get rid of that notion. It’s great active recovery and it was amazing to be done training for the day after just 30 minutes!

I was really looking forward to Saturday because my mom and I were doing a 30-mile ride with Lake Metroparks along the Lake Erie Harbor. It turned out to be beautiful weather and the sights were as promised. It was nice to cruise along in the sun while watching the lake as your view.

mom-me-bike-rideI took the world’s dumbest spill while out riding on Saturday though. I was going pretty fast, but we were off a deadend street so thankfully there were no cars around. I turned over a huge pile of gravel — like the kind you fill your driveway with — and my bike completely slid out from underneath me. I had no defense whatsoever and my feet were still clicked into my pedals. I caught myself on my left elbow and scraped it up. It looked worse than it was, but it’s still pretty tender a few days later. Note to self – be very, very careful on gravel.

arm-woundI thought it was ironically appropriate that someone posted on the Cleveland Triathlon Club Facebook page about having a “Why am I doing this” type of week. I felt similar and was just so tired. I’ve mentioned before that I am following a free 70.3 training plan from pro-triathlete, AJ Baucco. He commented on the Facebook post and I thought it was worth repeating here:

“It’s all about balance and living “in the sport”. That’s the kind of stuff that fosters long term development. If you don’t train for a week, it’s just a week. 7 days out of thousands and thousands of days in your athletic career. The goal should always be to remain happy with the sport and eager to remain active.”

Let me reiterate that last part to anyone reading and needing a boost (myself included): “The goal should always be to remain happy with the sport and eager to remain active.”

I often wonder to myself “What am I going to do after the Ironman?” or “Do I think I will ever do another long distance race again?” or even “Will I keep doing triathlons after this summer?” …and I have no idea how to answer any of these questions and it can be overwhelming at times. I start panicking that I will stop working out altogether after the race and lose all my fitness and drive and just become boring. But when I read “…you should be eager to remain active.” That hit me hard. That’s what I want. That’s what I should aim for.

Even if I stop doing races or if I never compete in triathlons ever again — I still want to be active. I still want to keep swimming, biking and running because I love it and because it’s fun and because it’s good for me. I still want to go paddle boarding and rock climbing and zip lining. I feel better when I’m active. It makes me feel good and I always want to have that in my life. I don’t know what’s next after Ironman 70.3, but I do know that I want to be eager to remain active. That’s the bigger picture I should be chasing!

Let’s head into week 17!

Happy training friends!

70.3 Training Week 13 {Recap}


This week’s training wasn’t as long as I’d hoped for, but it was still decent and much better than last week. I was pretty excited to jump back in after a three-day break over the long Memorial Day weekend.

I felt like my training was actually FUN this past week, which helps a lot. Sometimes it can feel like a chore and feels forced, this week was fun though and I did a few different things to help break it up.

week-13I did a 20-mile ride with Cleveland Triathlon Club on Wednesday night. The weather was beautiful and the people were fun. I also did a tough workout on my lunch break that day with a few friends at work. Working out with my coworkers forces me to think of new workouts to help switch it up, rather than just sticking with the basics. We did a HIIT session with 2-minute sprints on the treadmill followed by 2-minutes of fast-paced weights. My goal for each workout with my coworkers is to be sore by the end since it’s basically my only day of weight training during the week. I also went up to the trails in Willoughby Hills on Thursday night and I had a blast running 5-miles in the woods. It’s great to switch it up instead of pounding the pavement on my normal, usual running route.

CTC-brick-ridetrail-runThis Saturday is my first official race of the season. It seems weird that I haven’t raced at all yet, not even little races. I’ve mentioned before that my goal for this summer is different than it has been in past years. I wanted quality training time this summer so instead of filling up my weekends with little races that didn’t really matter, (like I had in past years) I was selective about the races I would be doing. This weekend will be my second ever Olympic distance triathlon. I am nervous about the swim (like any other triathlon of course), but my first Olympic swim last year in July went insanely well. I’m hoping for the same turnout again this weekend!

Since I hadn’t worn my wet suit since last summer and the beach park still isn’t open yet (where I normally do open water swims), I figured I might as well do a test run in the pool at my gym! I knew it was going to be weird, but I knew I’d feel better if I practiced with my wet suit on. Of course I got quite a few stares and a few comments from old men, but I’m glad I did it. I am a little nervous though because my wet suit feels pretty tight. I remember it being semi tight last year, but I was a little shocked to remember it was actually THIS tight. I spent a good chunk of time during the first part of my swim trying to calm myself down. I was panicking because it was tight and I couldn’t take a deep breathe. I instantly started panicking even more because I was panicking in the pool! If I was this bad in the safety of a pool, how was I going to handle the open water with other swimmers splashing all around me?! Finally I told myself  to go super slow and to find a rhythm. In past races I conquer the swim when I can hear the rhythm of my stroke. Left, right, kick, kick, left, right, kick, kick…for some reason if I focus on this then I calm down and I start working like a machine just plugging away. When I finally got to this point in the pool, I felt better. I know I’m going to be even more nervous on Saturday and I will probably have a moment of panic as I did in the pool, but I have to remember it will pass when I find the rhythm and when I get away from the chaos of the start. I can do it! Mind over matter and staying relaxed and calm is my best defense. I know I can swim the distance, it’s conquering the fear that is the tough part.

??????????I also got in a good 30-mile ride on my bike on Friday morning. I got up at 4:30AM and watched three episodes of the Real Housewives (LOL) I was in my happy place.

??????????This past week I also stopped to stock up on GU and other training products as my stash was running low. Man do these little guys add up quick!

Gu-fill-upOverall it was a really great week and I’m happy I found some enjoyment in training again. Between workouts and packing and unpacking gym bags and gear bags and hanging up towels and wet bathing suits, I stumbled into our guest bedroom to find this hot mess:

pathetic-triathlete-postI posted about it on the Pathetic Triathletes Facebook page, which is a great outlet for triathletes. If you don’t already follow them I encourage you to look it up!

Happy training week 14! We are officially in the last 10 weeks of training! CHEERS!

70.3 Training Week 12 & a Trip to Philly/DC


Well we made it through another week of training! I knew this week’s mileage would be down compared to the last two weeks – giving our bodies a little break – which was nice. I also knew it was going to be challenging to fit in all my training since we were going to Philadelphia and Washington DC over the long weekend.

too-busy-excuseI had a lot going on during the week and our long weekend trip was pretty exhausting. We were up super early everyday to get in all of the sightseeing and events we had planned. At one point from Saturday morning to Sunday night/Monday morning we were up for 20 hours straight! I feel like I was scraping the bottom of the barrel a few times – squeezing in super early or late workouts and just barely making it and falling into bed exhausted after everything was said and done. I caught myself again this week asking “How do people train for FULL Ironmans when I’m barely hanging on with one arm training for only a half?!”

Training week 12 went a little like this:

Monday – First rest day in two weeks and I felt like the laziest person in the whole world
Tuesday –  PM, 10-mile spin and a slow 5K (working on getting my legs more used to running off the bike)
Wednesday – 1-mile swim in the AM and a 19-mile road ride with Cleveland Triathlon in the PM
Thursday – 40 minute circuit training with my coworkers during lunch and a 1-hour spin in the PM
Friday (left for vacay in the PM) – 8-mile run super, crazy early
Saturday (Philly) – Meant to workout – didn’t
Sunday (DC) – Meant to workout – didn’t
Monday (Memorial Day in Philly) – Meant to workout – didn’t

So as you can see Friday, Saturday, Sunday were complete busts during our trip. I woke up Monday feeling cranky and fat (LOL). I woke up at 4:45AM to fit in a quick 6-mile run before my 8AM meeting and felt more like myself afterwards. The good news is we walked over 5 miles every day on the weekend, so it’s not like we were laying on the couch eating bon bons. Still my mileage was WAY down (which I expected), but it still hurt to see.

week-13I’m trying not to let it get me down and I came out swinging this week too, so I think I’ll be OK. I also am planning on doing a pretty long (maybe even the full distance, but haven’t decided yet) indoor training session on Saturday morning. I’m planning on doing all three disciplines and practicing my nutrition. I’m thinking about wearing my wet suit in the pool at the gym too, but I’m a little nervous I’ll get yelled at or people will stare. I guess who really cares though, right? And it’ll be good to practice in considering I haven’t worn it since last July!

Despite the lapse in mileage this past week, I feel pretty good. I’ve got a solid plan this week and my first race of the season is next weekend on Saturday. (The Greast Western Reserve Triathlon – Olympic distance.) We also had a complete blast in Philly and DC and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I’ll leave you with a few pictures. Happy training week 13!!


70.3 Training – Week 11


This week was my highest mileage recorded yet and also the first time I hit 10+ hours of training in one week. I feel great though and my body doesn’t feel overworked or over stressed. *Knock on wood* I am injury free and I feel like I’m getting stronger!

My biggest training of the week has been happening on the weekends, which was my plan for the summer. Last summer I packed my race schedule so full that I felt like I barely got in solid training since I was racing almost every weekend. This year’s approach was to throw in a few bigger races for training and preparation purposes, but to give up little races that didn’t contribute to my overall plan and my “A” race – Ohio 70.3. I’d much rather use my weekends for long training than running a little 5K. {Yes speed work is important, but I can do speed work AND get in a long bike ride during a Saturday training session.}

I finally feel like I am following my training plan much more closely than I was before too. A few posts ago I mentioned I was using my training plan as more of a “guide” to where I should be, which was fine for a little. Now I’m using it much more seriously and am really starting to feel the benefit. I feel like I am in good shape for the first time in a few months. When I started training seriously back in March I was coming off a nearly 3-month workout hiatus (but hey who doesn’t that happen to?!).

Here’ a breakdown of week 11 training:

Total Mileage: 103 miles
Total Time Spent Training: 10 hours, 11 minutes

wekk-11I spent 2 hours and 30 minutes on my spin bike Saturday morning. I covered 40 miles and watched a movie and an episode. Thank god for Netflix! I was going to try to go outside, but it was raining on and off and I just didn’t want to be cold, wet or miserable so it was just easier to stay inside.

pain-cave-week1140-mile-week11Friday was national bike to work day, so after an expensive tune up ($68 – whaaaat? Why?!) I was able to get back on my road bike for the first time this year. I rode to work (15 miles) and then my husband picked me up after work and we went out to dinner. It felt amazing to be back outside and riding on the road. I did (hilariously) tip over at one point during my ride. I later told my husband I was laughing out loud while also swearing at the same time. I couldn’t get my shoe to click into my pedal and I could feel myself lose my balance. Then just like a tree I felt myself slowly tipping over and down I went. Thankfully no one saw me and I was completely fine. I got back up in .2 seconds to try to save some of my pride LOL. Ahh the joys of triathlon training…

bike-to-work-2016Sunday I got up early and got in a decent 10 mile run. I felt good and I was only vaguely sore afterwards. The weather was beautiful and I just kept thinking how thankful and happy I was for warm weather. It was seriously just yesterday when I was running the same exact route and contemplating giving up on life as rain and snow hit me from every side. Ughhh! Thank goodness we are done with winter for now!

This weekend my husband and I are going to Philadelphia and Washington DC for Memorial Day. Two of the three hotels we are staying at have pools and fitness centers (I checked) and I am debating running outside at the hotel that doesn’t have a fitness center. Gotta get that training in! Here’s to another awesome, full week (which looks like lower mileage in the plan), but still a good week to train hard and get better.

Happy week 12!

Post 10 Mile Run Stretching & Feeling Good

Post 10 Mile Run Stretching & Feeling Good

Training Week 10 {When It Got Real}


I have survived 10 weeks of training for my first Ironman 70.3. THAT is crazy. But the weirder thing is I still have 14 more weeks to go. This makes me a little happy and relieved… and also pretty anxious if I’m being honest.

training-week-10-overviewThis week I hit a new mileage and time training max and I feel like I really put in an enormous effort to hit them both. It’s hard to imagine putting in even MORE time and MORE miles in the upcoming weeks. (But I know it’s coming.)

It’s hard work racing the clock almost every single morning before work (even if I do get up at 4:30AM). It’s also tough to head to the gym after a long day of work knowing I have another 2 hours of workouts ahead of me and I have 20 other things I need to do that night. AND along those lines it’s also REALLY tough to make the responsible decision and have one glass of wine on a Friday night because you have to be up early the next morning for your long weekend workout. (Anyone else with me on this struggle???) I guess my point is that it’s already super tough balancing life, relationships and work with training for an Ironman. It’s hard work, it’s time management and it’s sacrifice. It’s going to get even tougher in the upcoming weeks, but I’m all in. Here’s to even earlier wake up calls and only seeing my husband for about 1 hour every night LOL. (How do people train for full Ironmans with kids? God bless them.)

life-is-goneHere’s a break down of training week 10:

Total Miles: 84
Total Time Spent Training: Eight hours, twenty eight minutes

week-10This weekend was my first weekend home in three weeks, so I had big plans for Saturday morning, even though the weather was terrible. (Apparently it snowed in some places in Ohio on Sunday, luckily we didn’t see it where we were though.) Despite the crappy weather I got in 30 miles on the spin bike and then 6.5 outside running. I was happy to switch gears and get outside after being on the bike for 2 hours. Overall I felt OK and still felt like I had some gas left in the tank at the end. I plan on doing this workout fairly often because it’s a good distance (and it’s also basically the Olympic distance). It was just under 4 hours after everything was said and done.

Saturday's Ride

Saturday’s Ride

View from the pain cave

View from the pain cave

I’m taking my bike in for a post-winter hibernation tune up this week and I’m hoping to be able to ride it to work this Friday for National Bike To Work Day. (I’m really looking forward to getting off the spin bike!!)

Last night I slept really crappy and decided to train after work today instead of this morning. I just couldn’t mentally race the clock again and I didn’t feel like rushing around. It’s all good though! I’m headed in for a 5 mile run and then a swim today after work. It’s all about being flexible and moving your training around to fit your life. {Listen to your body – both mentally and physically.}

Happy training week 11!!

Week 8 Training & The Cincinnati Half Marathon (Flying Pig)


This week I feel like I struggled with finding my passion to train. I was tired, busy, stressed and it was cold outside. I just wasn’t into it and I took an unplanned rest day on Thursday. (Seems like Thursday’s are the days I tend to take rest days since it’s basically the end of the week and I’m drained by then.) Also I was running a half marathon that weekend, so I figured one rest day was probably good for me.

Here’s the Week 8 Recap:

Total Time Training: 7 hours, 34 minutes
Total Mileage: 42 miles

week-8I did have a breakthrough swim this week and just thinking of it makes me hopeful and excited. I swam 1.1 miles in 45 minutes and still felt amazing after. I had a really good groove going. Everything felt smooth and robotic (which sounds like it should be bad, but it wasn’t – it was just working. I was like a well-oiled machine.) I did take a pre-workout before my swim sesh, so I have a feeling that might have helped, but I’ll take it!

I ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig half marathon on Sunday this week. I ran it for my first time last year and LOVED it. I always say I will never run the Cleveland Marathon again because compared to other races it really has nothing to offer. The Flying Pig is incredible – from the expo, to the course and crowd support, to the post-race festivities.

cinci-halfThe course had decent hills between miles 6-9 and I knew they were coming since it was the same course as last year, but they still kicked my butt. I hit really low points during those hills – you know the low points where you question why on earth you ever started running and you start convincing yourself that you are never going to do this again and that you hate everything in the world at that moment (LOL). Come on, you’ve never had a tough race/training sesh if you’ve never had these thoughts run through your head!

pre-race-cinciIt was raining at the start, but luckily it cleared up fairly quickly. It also became super humid very quickly and because of the rain at the start and everyone was already wet from it. I later told my parents that I’ve never been in a worse smelling crowd during a race haha everyone was sweating SO bad because of the humidity. I also had some serious chaffing going on in the inside of my thighs – a bad combination of wet clothes, sweat and my shorts annoyingly riding up. A day after the race I could barely walk and I ended up taping the area, which looks like a terrible case of rug burn.

It was a decent race with a terrible finish time and I was happy to be done when I crossed the finish line. It was good training though and I was glad I did it!

cinci-race-pictureThis weekend we are headed down to Louisville Kentucky for the 142nd Kentucky Derby! We don’t actually go to the race track though, instead we hang around downtown, which is cheaper than purchasing race tickets and always such a blast!

Chicago Trip + Training Week 7


Week 7 was a little less intense than the past few weeks of training have been. I took another non-planned rest day on Thursday because I’ve been having a few hamstring issues and didn’t want to do any damage. (Plus I was tired…I know…I know. Excuses.) I had a 20-mile ride planned for the day and figured it would be OK to skip it this week. I also took another rest day on Sunday (which was planned) since we were in Chicago.

Week 7 Overview:
39 Total Miles
5 Hours 28 Minutes

week-7The Trouble With Swim Training…

I had to get my swim in early on a weekday this week since I wouldn’t be home for my normal Saturday morning swim training. It’s nice though because then it’s just over with (if you’ve been following my journey you’d know I have been dreading my time in the pool lately).

I’m not following my swim training correctly though, I will admit that. My plan has me in the pool three times a week, but with my schedule it’s just not feasible. Plus it’s 100 times easier to go to my work gym (without a pool) than my gym with the pool. Also there’s the hair washing issue – ladies with thick hair know what I’m taking about! I wash my hair about three times a week because it’s so thick and I burn through condition like no one’s business. And of course every time I swim I have to wash my hair because it gets wet, so add this into the mix and it’s a huge time suck. Also some of the training has me in the pool for just 25 minutes and I’m like “That’s not even worth me moving around my schedule and hair washing” haha… but I’m actually being totally serious… Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks like this?! I don’t know, maybe breaking up my swim would make it better and easier, but I just don’t see how I can do that right now. Maybe I’ll try it out in another week. I plan to up my swimming time the closer I get to the race and when the weather warms up with OWS’s. Stay tuned!

This weekend my husband and I traveled to Chicago for a wonderful weekend away. Chicago is ALL it’s cracked up to be and the food scene is insane. Everything everywhere is seriously so, so good. We were typical tourists and stopped by all the Chicago landmarks and hot spots. We did a party bus pizza tour and had a complete blast (and ate SO much pizza).

pizzaI did manage to get up at 6:30 Saturday morning and get to the hotel gym before we started our day. I ended up only doing 3.5 miles because someone else was waiting for my treadmill and I wanted to be courtesy. (Typical hotel gym with 2 treadmills! My view from the treadmill was pretty good though and I spent my 40 minutes people watching on the streets below.) I mixed in some power weights after the run and felt great the rest of the day. We walked everywhere too so it was actually a very active weekend despite all the eating – LOL!

treadmillWe will definitely be going back to visit Chicago again – what a great city!

bean360Happy Training Week 8!

Ironman 70.3 Training – Week 6


This week’s training went well. It included a 5AM, 20-mile ride on my spin bike, but I made it work! It’s all about adjusting your schedule to make sure you get your training in. Most people (I’ve learned) will not understand this, but your journey isn’t for them to understand anyways.

Week 6 Overview:
8 Activities
6 Hours + 55 Minutes
61 Miles
3,860 Cals Burned

Week-6-OverviewThis week was another dreaded pool swim. I’m actually really proud and happy when it’s over and when I’m sitting in the hot tub or sauna knowing I just swam a mile. BUT actually driving to the pool and getting in the cold water is another story – especially when it’s super early in the morning and you’re rushing around before work to make sure you get your training in.

I ran 10 miles yesterday on a gorgeous, spring morning. It quickly warmed up and was 82 degrees near the end. I loved every second of it though. For some reason I was keeping my mind occupied by just thinking, so the miles ticked by fairly quickly. {These type of runs are few and far between, but it sure is nice when it happens and your mind is distracted.}

Like I mentioned before I had a 4:45AM wake up call on Thursday to get in my 20-mile bike. I started at 5AM and finished around 6:30AM. I had to be at a work location at 8AM so it was a race against the clock, but I pulled through and fit everything in! I also built out a nice little “pain cave” the night before and spent my ride watching two episodes of The O.C. (Yes the show that came out in 2002! It’s so, so good.)

pain-Cave-TheaterThis weekend we are traveling to Chicago for my husband’s birthday! (His b-day was in March, but I got him a trip to Chi town with a 5-hour pizza tour included!) It’s going to be a field day. We’re so excited! We’ve never been to Chicago either so stay tuned for our adventures. I made sure there was a fitness center at our hotel, so I plan on doing my “long” run (10-miles) super (crazy) early on Friday morning since we leave Friday night. Then Saturday I’ll get up early and workout at the hotel and then take Sunday off.

Again – it’s all about adjusting your training schedule…and staying calm 🙂

Happy Week 7!

Ironman 70.3 Training Week 4 – Your “Reason Why”


This week’s training was pretty awesome! I felt strong, motivated and happy.

I also felt like I had a great swim this week. I swam a full mile, stopping for about two minutes every 5 laps (33 laps in total). I was tired, but I felt good. I feel like my stroke is pretty decent and I’m moving efficiently in the water. (Let’s hope that sticks around for another 20 weeks – ah ha ha!!)

Week 4 Training Overview:

Total Time: 7 hours, 31 minutes
Total Mileage: 46 miles

week4I find myself getting pretty bored on the bike lately. I keep going to the gym to get in miles on the bike because I can watch TV there and that sometimes helps with the boredom. I have a bike at home, but I’d have to look out the window, stare at my phone or just listen to music if I rode there. (Since I don’t feel like rearranging my entire apartment to move the spin bike to the living room LOL.)

I figured another month or so of the spin bike in April and by May I’ll be outside and riding to work a few days a month. Just gotta hang in there!

This is during the peak of my riding boredom when I start sending my husband random pictures.

This is during the peak of my riding boredom when I start sending my husband random pictures. If you’ve never done this before than you aren’t a true endurance athlete haha! 🙂

This past week I did a circuit training class with a few of coworkers. When I say class I mean I “taught” the “class”. It was actually really fun and a great way to get in my one day of cross/strength training. It mixed it up and I had fun hanging out with people while training, which I normally do alone. This week were are doing a bootcamp workout that I am going to lead.  Stay tuned for how that works out!

On Saturday I did my “long” run of 8.5 miles. At mile 6 I was really cold and growing pretty fatigued. I passed a church that had an electronic sign out near the road. I read it as I passed and it flashed the words “Praise in the midst of struggle”…and I thought “WOW – if that isn’t a sign from God for this very moment then I don’t know what is.” I thought it was a nice little sign from God and I welcomed it as a distraction. As I ran I thought about how lucky I was to be out there. I thought about all the people who would give anything to suit up and run out there in the cold, but they can’t for some physical reason. How lucky am I? I got ready for my run that morning, dreading it as I put on my layers. For some people they want nothing more than to get out there and run so freely and here I was dreading it and wanting it to be over. I spent the last two miles trying to be thankful for the gift of being able to train and trying to “Praise in the midst of struggle”. It motivated me to keep a positive attitude and a remembrance that not everyone can do what I get to do and for that I am thankful for my chance.

Have a good week everyone and remember your “Reason Why”.


Ironman 70.3 Training – Week 3


This past week’s training went much better than week 2! I am FINALLY starting to feel better and my coughing is at a minimum. It’s amazing to experience life again without constantly coughing! (My cough lasted nearly 8 weeks!!)

I got in a solid 7 days this week and felt amazing. In previous training plans I always incorporated a rest day, however this one doesn’t give me a rest day for a few weeks still. (When we really start ramping up the mileage and it makes more sense.) However I feel good despite no rest day.

Here’s a rundown of the week:

Total Training Time: Six hours, 23 minutes
Total Mileage: 47 miles

week3-trainingI got super bored during the swim this week. I’ve mentioned before that during these first couple of weeks of training that I really want to focus on drills and form rather than distance. I found myself wishing for some underwater headphones though because I was actually just SO bored! I kept telling myself that sitting in the hot tub after my swim was my “reward”.

I’m still riding a spin bike for my training. My road bike is packed away somewhere at my mother-in-laws and will require digging it out and then getting a tune-up. I’ve been thinking about getting another road bike and just transferring my aero bars to the new one, but we will see. I’m not trying to spend that much since it’s not completely necessary and I just want a new bike 🙂  It might still be a few weeks until I can start getting outside with this typical bipolar Northeast Ohio weather.

I had my first “long” run this past weekend on Easter Sunday. I did 7.5 miles. I set out to do anything between 7 and 8, so I felt OK about my effort. I got nervous last week after I looked at the calendar and realized I only have six weeks left until my first half marathon of the year. (Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon.) It probably won’t be a PR race for me, but at least it will motivate me to get out there and cover some distance.

Happy Training Friends!