Prequel to the Wedding – Our Engagement Party


This weekend was the first weekend in three weeks that I didn’t have a race planned. It was weird not to be racing on the weekend, but that doesn’t mean I was sitting around relaxing! Instead we threw our annual wine tasting party on Saturday night and added our engagement party onto it. We had around 30 people show up to toast to us and enjoy the good food and wine.

Of course I had to add my touch of Pinterest inspiration to the party décor.

We had cut-outs of the bridal parties faces, which were a hit.
We had cut-outs of the bridal party, which were a hit.
The date is set!
The date is set!

Now the fiancé and I are having two maids of honor and two best men in the wedding. One of the maids of honor and one of the best men live out of state, while the other two basically live right down the road from us. To our incredible surprise the two that lived out of state both flew up to Ohio for the party! We were absolutely thrilled and so grateful that both of them would do that for us – and it wasn’t even planned between them! After that initial surprise, we spent the rest of the evening drinking (a lot) of wine. When the house party died down around 10PM, we took the party to downtown Cleveland where we hung out at Shooters in the flats. I’ve never been there before, but it was packed shoulder to shoulder and a lot of fun. Plus the weather was gorgeous. After more wine at the bar, we finally made it home around 3:30AM. The entire night was spent laughing and reminiscing about everything that had happened to us in the past 20 years. It felt like old times.  It was so wonderful and we’re so glad that the bridal party had a chance to meet and start joking around with one another.

If our engagement party is any indication of the fun and celebration that is to come for our actual wedding then we are in for quite a night! What a blast!

Acting super adult-like and grown up.
Acting super adult-like and grown up
The maids with our moms minus 2
The bridesmaids with our moms [minus 2]

Summer Goodness


I’m being a typical girl when I say this, but where has the time gone!? I can’t believe it’s mid July already! Two seconds ago it was May 19 and I was running the Cleveland Half Marathon with an entire summer before me. Now I’m sitting here on July 16 with a full calendar of events every single weekend between now and Labor Day.

This summer has been awesome — even as I started my big kid job this past month and was officially welcomed into the 40+ hour work week. (P.S. What did I do with myself before I started working full time?!) So since I’ve been feeling like a real adult lately (although I could do without the car payment) my mom and I decided to throw a wine tasting party last Saturday. Pinterest was a huge source of inspiration – check out my Wine Tasting Party Board.

We sent out super cute party invites to guest (which I had a few pictures of, but two weeks ago I ran over my cell phone with my own car — and no, alcohol was not even involved surprisingly). We ended up having around 30 guest Saturday night, and the theme quickly changed from a wine tasting to more of a wine social. By the peak of the night, we probably had 40+ bottles of wine at the “tasting” area.

Beginning of the night.

– Beginning of the night

The party was a blast though. We had grape vine lights strung up as decorations, along with cute wine quotes in pretty frames, plus the weather was gorgeous. The week of the tasting Chardon was actually going on 16 straight days of rain. It was miserable. But the wine gods were shining on us Saturday and the sun was out.

1 of 5 outside tables

– 1 of 5 outside tables

We ended up with a ton of food, even though we supplied a majority of it. Red velvet cup cakes with little frosted grapes on them (they took forever to make), veggie cups, homemade pepperoni roll, a giant platter of sushi, cheese and crackers and of course enough wine to fill a pond. Nothing was better than sitting out on a deck sipping wine with my best friends, gossiping and chatting about everything under the sun. My girlfriends and I all vowed to host a wine or BBQ event once a week from now on. Stay tuned as to how that one plays out.

Food table with a gorgeous rainbow fruit salad

– Food table with a gorgeous rainbow fruit salad

Up next on the summer list looks like Painesville’s Party in the Park event this Saturday, followed by a 5-miler called The Johnny Cake Jog. The weekend after that looks like a

An overview of the decor

An overview of the decor

trip to Put-N-Bay, then Vintage Ohio Wine Festival and a Miranda Lambert concert. Oh plus I think I’m convinced the boyfriend to do a Biathlon with me on August 25. The Biathlon includes a three mile run and a 12 mile bike ride. Check out the 2013 Bellefaire JCB Biathlon & Walk.

Hope everyone’s summer is going just as awesome as mine. If you’re in Northeast Ohio like me — enjoy it now, because we don’t get to 85 percent of the year because of the snow.

Keep Running!