Cabbage Soup: Death by a Cleanse, but Worth It.


It took God seven days to create the world. There are seven continents on this earth. There are seven wonders of the world. Seven deadly sins. Seven colors of the rainbow.

And in seven days I lost 10 pounds.

There's no way this girl is THIS happy about eating those veggies.

There's no way this girl is THIS happy about eating those veggies.

My roommate and I got the idea about two weeks ago while we were discussing gaining weight over the holidays. I was in the middle of eating a giant, pretty healthy salad — except I had put about a 82 cups of delicious thousand island dressing on it. We were talking about wanting to lose 5 to 10 pounds, enough to get back on track. I had been on about the fourth week of eating healthy and going running every other day, making little changes to try and get back to my normal size, but I was struggling.Β  My roommate mentioned something about hearing of a cabbage soup diet. We began research immediately.

Basically, the cabbage soup diet, or as my roommate and I called it the “cabbage soup cleanse” is a seven-day cleanse of eating certain, specific foods. We called it a cleanse because the word diet is just annoying and stupid. Diet is a word used by fat or old people who can’t eat anything good for ridiculously long periods of time. This was only seven days — no diet in my book.

The official “Cabbage Soup Diet” can be found here.

Each day of the cleanse you are aloud a certain food or foods, and you can eat as much of it as you want, but it must be on your list. You also make a giant pot of cabbage soup for the week and you can literately have the soup anytime you want (along with the certain foods you’re allowed.)

Here’s the recipe for the soup. (Which might sound at least a little appealing, but let me tell you — it’s not.)

I will never look at cabbage the same again.

I will never look at cabbage the same again.

  • 6 large green onions
  • 2 green peppers
  • 1 or 2 cans of tomatoes (diced or whole)
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 container (10 oz. or so) mushrooms
  • 1 bunch of celery
  • half a head of cabbage
  • 1 package spice only soup mix (Lipton is a good choice)
  • 1 or 2 cubes of bouillon
  • 1 48oz can Low Sodium V8 juice
  • Season to taste with pepper, parsley, curry, garlic powder, etc. (Little to NO SALT.)

And so Jan. 23 through Jan. 29 my roommate and I suffered through this.

Here’s a run-down of what the cleanse is really like from real human perceptive and from a girl who loves food.

(Remember in all of these, absolutely NO dressing/dips/sugar/salt is aloud. It is 100 percent natural and no preservatives, but drink all the water you can handle you little fish.)

Day 1: Soup and Fruit. (No bananas though.)
This day was semi-easy. The first half of the day went by pretty smooth and I filled up on fruits often. The smell of the soup however is terrible and unfortunately the taste isn’t much better. It’s so bland it’s almost unbearable. No amount of spice will make it better, but if you honestly force yourself to eat it while drinking an insane amount of water with it, you feel pretty full.

Oranges were my weapon of choice during this week, it's basically all I ate -- when I was allowed.

Oranges were my weapon of choice during this week, it's basically all I ate -- when I was allowed.

Day 2: Soup and Vegetables.
This day was the hardest in my opinion. Try your best to not give up here, because this is the day you’re going to want to the most. But I bring good news that if you make it through this day — you are in semi good shape. It gets super hard to eat salad with no dressing and just straight lettuce. I felt like I was eating leaves.

Day 3: Soup, Fruits and Vegetables.
This day is the day that will get in your head. It’s all about keeping yourself mentally stable at this point. Try not to be too stressed about anything else and go to bed early. If you wake up and see Thursday morning and you are still going strong then you should be really proud of yourself. Remember to try and fill up on water, and again I recommend chugging water between bites of the soup and you will start to feel full.

Day 4: Soup, Bananas and Skim Milk.
This is the easiest day in my opinion. I would eat two bananas and a glass of milk every few hours and it kept me pretty full and doing okay. This day is supposed to reduce your cravings for sweets and I think it helped for me.

Day 5: Beef, Soup, Tomatoes.
This was the day I was looking forward to the most because you could have protein for the first time in four days. You can substitute baked fish or baked, skinless chicken for meat on this day, so I had three, boiled chicken breast this day. Remember though, no seasoning or marinade. I literately had chicken at 7 a.m. this day. Oh, and ate an entire carton of cherry tomatoes.

Day 6: Beef, Soup and Vegetables.
Again you could substitute chicken or fish (but you also weren’t supposed to have fish again if you had it the first day or visa versa.) I had three pieces of salmon this day and I would say it was pretty good, even without seasoning. This day is still hard but if you keep telling yourself one more day it helps a little, but just a little. It basically still sucks.

Day 7: Brown Rice, Soup and Vegetables.
Congrats, you get carbs for the first time in six days and you think you’re gonna go crazy, but the rice is so bland you don’t even want it. Although it does help fill you up a little more, but it’s still pretty bad. If you manage to eat one or two pieces of vegetables by this day you consider it a victory. You’re pretty cranky today so take some nyquil and try and sleep the day off, you’re almost done.

So this morning, I woke up to my glorious alarm clock at 5:30. (Yes, I said glorious because I got to eat real food today, why wouldn’t I want to get up for that?)

I went to the gym and did a quick 2.62 mile run on 5.5. Seriously pathetic, but give me a break, I had about 50 calories the entire week, and I was WEAK.

I weighted myself before my run and I was down nine pounds. After my run BINGO! I was down 10 pounds, and I was a happy girl driving back home in 14 degree weather at 6:55 a.m. Yippie.

So was it worth it? Call me crazy, but yes. It sucked mentally and at one point (like on Saturday night when I was a complete bore) I couldn’t even tell if I was starving, hungry or not hungry at all. I also HIGHLY underestimated how hard it would be to work in a grocery store on the sixth and seventh day of the cleanse — remind me to call-off those days next time I do this cleanse.

I craved this seriously every minute of everyday. Fat kid problems?

So here’s MY cabbage soup diet/cleanse tips that seemed to help me:

  • Take it a day at a time. DO NOT think about how you are going to get through tomorrow or a certain day or all seven days. Make it a goal to make it through the day you’re on and pat yourself on the back as you lay down each night. It’s all about keeping yourself sane.
  • Aim to eat your soup once a day. If you can fit it in twice good for you, but at least aim for once and give yourself PLENTY of time to eat. It would take me 30 minutes to eat one bowl it was so bad.
  • Act like a little kid usually does when forcing down vegetables — even if it means plugging your nose when you eat it. I would take a giant spoonful, try and chew it without tasting it then swallow it with water. All the water plus the soup itself actually made me feel pretty full.
  • Aim to be productive and get your work done right after you eat because it’s the only time of the day you’re not cranky and hungry.
  • My advice is to not work out the week of the diet/cleanse because there’s nothing I want more after a work out than recovery food like eggs and coffee. Plus you’re consuming so few calories that you seriously don’t have any to burn, so it’s just going to make you feel sick and terrible.

If you want to be successful with this diet/cleanse then be successful. That’s my most important piece of advice. If you half-ass it then you won’t lose weight, but if you follow it to a T you will lose about 10 pounds.

I surprised myself with how much will-power I had and I feel great about finishing it out until the end.

Sometimes all it takes is to feel a push from behind and to turn around and realize it’s you pushing yourself.

217 thoughts on “Cabbage Soup: Death by a Cleanse, but Worth It.

  1. Hi! I’m 40 and have been struggling to lose my excess weight. I’ve “liked” a page on FB called Nutrition Authority which introduced me to this cabbage soup diet. My body thrives on protein so I’ve done low carb in the past, and have been doing it again for the past 3 weeks with little results. I decided to try this cabbage soup to give myself a kick start… now for a checklist…
    Cabbage: HATE IT. MY GOD why was it invented?
    Green pepper: great in a roast beef sandwich with lettuce, cucumber and mayo.
    Tomatoes: not by themselves but good with pepper steak… and the above beef sandwich.
    Mushrooms: YUCK. Who eats fungus? Just yuck.
    Onion: No soup is good without it πŸ™‚
    Celery: stringy and tasteless. No thanks.
    Me, I’m a meat lover. So of course, I was NOT looking forward to this. All morning while I was chopping everything up, I was saying to myself how gross it will be and how much I will loathe the next 7 days……
    I added garlic as I was sauteeing the onions and added some whole peppercorns while the soup cooked. I used beef stock instead of V8 juice.
    By lunch time, I was pretty hungry and made myself a bowl. You can imagine the surprise when I ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT (the peppercorns may have helped there).
    I know I will eventually get bored of it but at least I am liking the taste of it. Never thought I’d see the day I’d say that. Now all I can do is hope it actually helps me. Nothing else seems to lately. Ah, 40. The age of the slowing of metabolism and the degradation of muscle…. I don’t look 40 so I’m not ready for my body to ACT 40. Not yet.
    Thanks for your post. I was after a review of this diet and yours is the most helpful I’ve come across. Wish me luck!!

  2. nothing about this diet is “natural”…using pre-packaged soup mixes are processed and refined as are the bouillon cubes. They suggest canned mushrooms??? why not real mushrooms, real bone broth which is full of vitamins and minerals. Skim milk is also a terrible choice as it contains no fat, you need fat to absorb the vitamins and minerals which are fat soluble (most of them! including A and D which are supposed to be in milk!) unless theres a cleaner and more natural way to do this cleanse/diet/whatever you call it, I would not try it nor would I recommend it.

  3. I used to do this in high school with my mom and sister before vacations. I hated the soup after day 4/5. As a bonafide adult, now, I am trying it again. I have finally made it to day 4, banana day, and am miraculously not disgusted by the soup (buy this seasoning pack this lady makes, and add red pepper flakes: life saver But what I think has made this time less than hell; use an immersion blender (or regular blender or bullet whatever you’ve got) and blend the ef out of that soup. Seriously. Life changing.

  4. I’m about to go on a holiday so I am getting stuck into this cleanse tomorrow. I have done it in the past with great results. After the first time (doing it with the soup) I swapped to just drinking v8 juice and having yummy bowls of steamed cabbage with carrots in it, I found it so much easier. I’m going to use v8 juice (for cold drinks) and tomato soup plus steamed cabbage and carrot for a bit of variety this time, mix it up. Much on some celery if I feel like it. I figure as long as you are using the ingredients from the soup it works the same and in my case it has.

  5. I agree, the soup is pretty bad. Should you decide to give it another go, try pureeing it and add a bit of cinnamon & Stevia to each bowl full. It gives it the appearance, texture, & taste(!) of apple sauce. Promise! πŸ™‚

  6. Read this if you are lazy:

    There is a commenter on here named nicole which posted on May 4th that instead of doing this diet, she started replacing a few of her meals with cabbage soup. I decided to do the same seeing as how Thanksgiving was coming around the corner and it’s been about a month since I started, I am down 8 lbs. I make sure to eat all the cabbage soup I want during the day. If I’m hungry for something else, I’ll eat cabbage soup instead and then I’ll satisfy my craving with a much smaller portion of whatever it is I wanted to eat (I really like chocolate milk so I use that to satisfy my sweet tooth, and for protein I’ll sometimes eat tuna with mayo, chicken, or an egg). When I know I’m going to have dinner with a friend or a work lunch, I eat cabbage soup before hand so I don’t eat as much later. Around Thanksgiving time I ate as much Thanksgiving food as I wanted, and I had visited three different Thanksgiving parties along with leftovers so you can imagine how much I ate. During which, if I was hungry with no Thanksgiving deliciousness around, I would go back to the soup.

    I think this diet is really easy if you use it as a meal replacement rather than think about it as a diet. I don’t do this diet at all, I just replace meals with it. My stomach has shrunk too much to eat a lot of other food. I am also not a fan of this particular recipe. I found this one ( and I’ve stuck to it with a few changes. Instead of 1 tsp of the spices, I’ve used 1/2 tsp each with the addition of a few more spices (dill weed, cumin, sage, parsley flakes, thyme) and completely removed the pepper flakes. I like spicy but that was too much. To top it off I squeeze 1 1/2 juice from lemons into it. I don’t know why but a lot of people think that is weird. I love this soup, especially with the lemon and I would rather eat this soup than anything else. I sometimes double the recipe and freeze the soup. I even gave it to a friend for her extremely shot out honest opinion and she said it was really flavorful so maybe it’ll solve your ‘bland’ issues?

    I don’t work out although I’ve heard a lot that weightlifting is really good for you. I don’t like doing aerobic activities (yes I know how good they are for you). So a few months back I went to Walmart and purchased a 15 lbs dumbbell and do a few bicep curls and whatnot. I’m really lazy and if I find myself too tired after working out, I won’t do it again so I’ve learned to pace myself and only lift the weights once a week for just a few reps. I’m doing pretty good and it’s getting easier with time. Remember, that I’m lazy so I don’t do any more reps so I don’t get too tired, stressed, and quit. I’ve also purchased ankle weights, 10 lbs and 20 lbs meaning the box of 10 lbs has two weights of 5 and the box of 20 lbs has two weights of 10. I started with 5 lbs on each leg and quickly realized that I could do much more so I moved up to 10 lbs on each leg and after a few months I was up to 15 lbs on each. I’m considering using 20 lbs on each leg now. I do a few reps of reverse weighted crunches and stuff to target my abs and then a few to target my butt and I’m happy with that. Remember, I’m lazy and need to pace myself to not quit so I literally only do a few reps once a week with these heavy weights.

    Oh and I drink lots of coffee with milk and a truvia/sugar blend.

  7. Wow I am on my fifth day today and I may say, I have started my morning with a steak of beef, just couldnt wait lol. My problem is I go to the scale each and everyday and its kinda motivating as i keep seeing the best results. So far, i had lost 4kg already and I am thinking of proceeding with the diet for 14days. I am too strong hey loll. Its so funny to see the scale going down each time you scale………

  8. Bharatmaa – since completing this diet and writing this post over two years ago, I do not support the cabbage soup diet anymore. I thought about taking down the post because it makes people think there is a “quick fix” to weight loss, but I’ve decided to keep it up just because I know people are looking for the information. Will I ever attempt the diet again? Maybe, but probably not. Do you lose weight? Yes if you follow it to a T and granted you have weight to lose – however it IS water weight, which does make you look and feel thinner, but the chances of it coming back are great. I have mixed thoughts on it, but after years of struggling with eating healthy, I’ve decided I’m now actually less in support of it then for it.

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  11. When I initially commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment
    is added I recieve four emails with the exact same comment.
    Perhaps there is a means you can remove me from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

  12. I’m on my third day of this diet but I went the route that one of person who commented on this blog suggested, strictly cabbage soup for 5 days. I made my soup with bok choy, cabbage and grated carrots. I used Swanson’s unsalted chicken stock as a base and Mrs Dash as the seasoning. I make small batches (enough for one day) and use a different variety of Mrs Dash seasoning each time so I won’t get tired of it. I was doing well until about a half hour ago, I got very dizzy and felt very faint because I hadn’t eaten my soup for breakfast yet so I went to my freezer and grabbed a small handful of frozen grapes to get my blood sugar up naturally and felt better within 5-10 minutes. Frozen grapes are AMAZING by the way! πŸ‘ I weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost 6 lbs in two days! I haven’t been doing any strenuous exercise since I’m not consuming any protein. My energy levels have been pretty good because I take women’s active GNC vitapacks ever morning. I’ve also been drinking Yogi tea and black coffee. Yogi tea has a couple varieties that aid in the process of dieting/detox/cleansing. I plan on seeing this diet through to the end of Day 5.

  13. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the page layout of your site?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or
    two images. Maybe you could space it out better?

  14. I LOVE this blog! Addressed all my questions/concerns about this cleanse! Love reading other peoples reviews/experiences also! I’ll be grocery shopping and preparing this soup tomorrow and starting it on Monday, so excited! I’ll be sure to check back and let you know of my progress!

  15. Hi Cassandra, thanks for writing….Well….. I lost 12 pounds in 3 days! Been doing the cabbage soup diet for 2 of those days…the first day I just made myself busy and cut out junk food and even reg. portions…didn’t start cabbage diet yet cuz I didn’t have the ingredients for it! Lost 5lbs. Then after actual first day of diet lost 5 more pounds! Today at beginning of day 3( eating my watermelon salsa soup)mmm, I lost 2 more pounds…it helped when you spoke about One Day At Time! So much! Don’t look at how you’re gonna get through the whole diet…one day at a time! Yes! Anyway here I go for day 3….trying to lose at least 55….

  16. Funny because I am a soup lover I grabbed all the stuff in my cabinet and thought I made up a soup…. Later i googled it, found this recipe… I was eating this everyday and not on purpose… Now that I know its a diet plan, I felt pretty silly but its good to know 😜

  17. Ashlynn – everyone is different. Some guys may lose 15 pounds on this diet, while some girls only lose 3 pounds. This diet/cleanse is not a magic pill. I cannot stress enough that this cleanse will not instantly make you skinny or make you drop a huge amount of weight. The more I learn about nutrition and fitness the more I don’t even back this cleanse anymore. It’s been almost three years since I’ve written this blog and people come here looking for answers as to why they aren’t dropping a ton of weight fast. There is no way to do that. Patience, diet and exercise are the ways to drop weight. Yes, I do believe that some cleanses serve as a great building block to launching a healthy eating regimen, but they are not sustainable nor should they be looked at as “magic” or a “quick fix”.

    I hope you kept with the cleanse and if you didn’t see any weight come off – I hope that it made you feel healthier, lighter and leaner and that it has given you the confidence to continue with a healthy lifestyle! Hang in there!

  18. Twila – I’ve never heard of making this “dry” – very clever! Glad to hear it turned out good for you! Keep going strong post diet/cleanse!

  19. Ashlynn, are you eating the soup a lot of it or just a bowl here and there? Are you still drinking caffeine? What about tea? Please keep hydrated and drink at least 6 cups of water per day.

  20. Can somebody please help me. I’ve been doing everything right and I’m not losing weight? πŸ˜” I’m going into day 4 please help!!

  21. I’m on my forth day of the diet and I haven’t lost anything but a pound. Any suggestions or comments that could help me. I’ve been following the diet to a T. I don’t understand why im not losing weight it’s really discouraging,

  22. Hello to all. I am now on day seven of this fantastic diet but, I did mine completely different.
    First: I can’t stand cabbage soup. I think anything that smells like sweat socks going in and creates emissions strong enough to clear a household should be banned. So, I did something a little different. I used the same recipe but left all the ingredients dry. I used the juice from the canned tomatoes as a “dressing” on some bowls or I’d just use fresh tomatoes instead.
    I used red and green cabbage, celery, tomatoes, peppers, onions and carrots. Instead of cooking them; I bagged up two cupfuls into ziplock bags and used them as my “dry soup”. After eating a bowl of the “dry soup” I’d drink down 8 ounces of water or beef broth or chicken broth. I have to admit that I found it all to be delicious.
    Day one soup and the fruit: I made smoothies with crushed ice and fresh fruit. I also froze pureed fruit in ice cube trays and used them for ice cubes in water or unsweet tea. Did you know tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers are fruits?
    Day two soup and the veggies: I ate a ton of green beans which gave me a grand protein boost. Celery sticks served as snack packs as did carrot sticks. I used a can of tomatoes in my “dry soup” today that were garlic seasoned as well so that added a little twist to things. My potato was the best one I’ve ever eaten!!
    Day three I ate all the fuits and veggies and “dry soup” I wanted. I even mixed cucumbers and fresh tomatoes in with my “dry soup”
    Day four I made banana and milk smoothies which made for a great change of texture and pace and sweetness between my “dry soup” binges
    Day five: I made tacos! Only instead of using taco shells, I rolled up diced onions, taco meat and tomatoes into lettuce leaves. DELICIOUS!!!
    Day six: I had grilled steak and “dry soup” with grilled carrots.
    Day seven: I just finished up a wonderful lettuce, tomato and green onion salad with one tablespoon low cal fat free ranch dressing and a cup of brown rice.
    I’ve just weighed and even after eating today it shows I’ve lost 9 pounds and today’s not over with yet!!!

  23. I started the CSD this week. I started out well and lost 4 lbs. the first 3 days however the next 2 days I haven’t lost any more. Anyone else have this problem? Feel like giving up 😦

  24. So I didn’t really follow the diet too much. Reason being was the fear of being miserable for a week to then gain everything back as you really do cut out a lot… BUT!! I bring good news, what I did do was try to replace meals during the day for cabbage soup – (because I actually really enjoy it!) I also snack on tons of veggies because I love them. I eat tons of carrots, garden peppers and cucumber during the day. I am a Starbucks addict though and have a skinny caramel macchiato most days…… I have a regular dinner. However, I’ve been doing this for about a week and a half and just sort of fell into a routine with my eating without really even realising. I decided to randomly weigh myself today and I am down 7lbs….!! I haven’t been exercising either as I’ve had a chest infection – once I start back up next week, I’m sure more weight will go πŸ™‚ I literally make my soup everyone one to two days with half head of cabbage, half pack of mushroom, 2 chicken breast, 1 bouillon, 2 carrots, 2 cloves of garlic, half a yellow onion, one leek and that’s about it! πŸ™‚

  25. I forgot to add that I accidentally bought savoy cabbage. I’ve never heard of it before. It is SO much better. Sweeter, more tender, and no stomach issues. Just FYI.

  26. This is a great site for information on this diet.
    I’m on day 3. Day 1 was great. I love fruit. Day 2 was really hard, and I started to feel really dizzy. I couldn’t sleep all night, and today on Day 3 I still felt really dizzy and weak. I decided to eat a bit of protein (one plain low fat yogurt that I had for tomorrow) I feel much better now, though not great. Tomorrow is Day 4 banana day. Like most of you I’m REALLY looking forward to steak day.
    I think this is a good way to jump start a more healthy eating regime. I made my soup a bit different from another website, and I have to say I really like it.I love veggies though.
    The recipe I used was
    Saute celery, onions, 5-6 cloves garlic, and carrots until tender.
    Add 1 head of cabbage, one large can of tomatoes, and some chicken stock.
    I hate green peppers, so I didn’t add them and instead added a bunch of spinach. It’s very tasty. With some beans added, and maybe some kale, I would eat this anytime. I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to use salt – but I’ve lost 3 pounds through day 2, so don’t think it’s hurt me too badly.
    With this low of protein I wouldn’t want to do more than a week, but it’s a good start if you want to make some changes.
    Thanks for the site. It’s been fun and inspiring to read everyone’s stories.

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  28. I’m not really sure about the salt, I mean just one little shake of salt on everything really not make you lose all the weight? scientifically it doesn’t make any sense. Especially with the amount of sodium in the soup (because you are using soup mix) and vegetables along. It you eat 6-7 vegetables per day, that’s about 1500 mg of sodium. I don’t think a few flakes of salt will really stop you from losing weight.

  29. Hi! I want to start this diet on Monday πŸ™‚ I have a question though, how do people not gain all the weight back straight away after?? This is something I’m afraid of doing…. Had a baby 7 months ago, used to be 114lbs but now I am 139lbs :S This looks like a good way to kick-start some sort of healthy regime!

  30. Maham – looks like you have the wrong attitude with weight loss. People gain weight and loss weight every day. It’s part of life. Get better supporters to build you up, but also learn to build yourself up and be your own advocate. This diet/cleanse will not solve all your problems and it won’t make you skinny overnight. There is no miracle weight loss tool besides working hard in the gym and in the kitchen. This is a great “starter” for a weight loss journey, but it is not the answer by any means. I don’t advise doing this cleanse for weeks at a time and it’s not for everyone. Adding veggies to the soup is basically the entire point of the cleanse. The veggies are your zero cals and your fuel for the week. It would not be a good idea to skip on them. Hope this helps and hope you reach a turning point soon on your fitness journey!

  31. Thanks, soundcloud plays! You must have excellent design skills and taste ;P

  32. Hi Samantha – I store it in the fridge and then heat it up. I usually eat an apple or grapefruit everyday for breakfast (it’s against the “rules” but I’ve found it works for me). I just can’t do veggies or soup at 6AM ;P

  33. Hi Ashley – thanks for the comment and sharing your awesome story. I hope the CSD went over well for you!

  34. can i just have the soup without veges if i boil them for 2 hrs today is ma first day hope it goes well the whole week and i am totlly depressed bcoz of my weight nobody helps and jst says hey! u got fat 😦

  35. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject
    but it has pretty much the same layout and design.
    Excellent choice of colors!

  36. Starting it tomorrow!!
    Ive been cooking the soup tonight…
    I was just wondering, do you store it in the fridge for a week/heat it up?
    And what do you eat for breakfast?

  37. I am on my second week, day five and doing well. Anyone know what would happen if I do the diet five days on and eat and have alcholic beverages for two days? Has anyone done this?I

  38. I LOVE this CSD so far!!! Tonight is kind of hard for me though….it’s Friday night sleepover night at my house and my husband brought home 6 large pizzas for all of these girls that are here!! (I have 4 daughters and they each have a friend over.) I am sitting here smelling that pizza as I type this and it is soooo tempting! BUT, I am determined! I’m on Day 4…Bananas and milk. It hasn’t been that hard today, but I’ll admit, I am REALLY looking forward to tomorrow and some meat!!!! I am actually a Weight Watchers leader and over the past few months, I’ve put on about 7 pounds. I donated a kidney to my mother’s best friend and have maintained my 46 pound weight loss very well, until now. I know 7 pounds gained is not much to some, but when you are employed by WW, you have to weigh in every calendar month and maintain a certain range. So, I decided to give this a go, and as of this morning, I am down 4.6 pounds! Yay! I don’t feel deprived, but my brain keeps telling me I’m hungry. I am using that signal to make myself drink more water.

    I am looking forward to my last 3 days and the results! I will report back.

  39. He Jawauna – I’m starting the cleanse today too! Good luck. Have read all the info on this site and it’s really helpful, thank you!

  40. I’ve attempted this diet a couple of times and never made it past day one. I’m starting it again today and I’m feeling pretty good about it this go round’ keep your fingers crossed with me as I start on my weight loss journey. I love the blog and I hope reading it will help me stay motivated.

  41. Me and my floor mate Kelsey are students also and are doing this (we started today) but were going to a party that was already planned. If we do this for the remainder of the week would it hurt to do it another week?

  42. Salt makes your body retain water. Adding salt to this cleanse would defeat the entire purpose of it. I would highly advise not to. Use seasonings such as black pepper, garlic powder or any of the flavorings of “Mrs. Dash”, which are all salt free and come in a variety of flavors.

    It’s only seven days, you can cut out salt for seven days!

  43. I am adding some salt to my soup and veggies? does it mean I m not gonna lose weight??? please answer.

  44. Thank you! This was the exact information I was looking for online when I first heard of this cleanse. I wanted a real girl’s example of how it went and how she felt. Thanks for reading!

  45. I’ve never heard of the kidney beans, but if someone is looking to add more protein to the soup it’s a good idea. I also don’t think the non low-sodium V8 will hurt you too much in the long run either, but again always better with the low-sodium.

    I would completely advise against the cream in the coffee. This diet is a cleanse, meaning cleaning your body of all processed sugary crap — exactly what is found in coffee creamer. If you cannot drink your coffee black by any means and must have something, I would recommend to add just a splash of low fat skim milk or almond milk.

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  47. This is my second day – i feel good and motivated to do a 2 k walk. Couple questions, i added a can of kidney beans to the soup ( i read it on another site) and my v8 tomato juice wasn’t low salt. also can i have a teaspoon of cream in my coffee? I know these are simple things, but to do it right and get the best benefit is why i ask. good Luck To All. Thank You

  48. It’s completely different for everyone. I know some guys who have done this diet who have lost 15 pounds, while some girls only drop 6 or 7 pounds. Try not to focus on the number and focus more on the fact that you’re cleaning and riding your body of toxins and processed garbage. If you find you are focusing too much on the number, don’t look at it anymore. A few times I did this cleanse I was obsessing and weighted myself every single morning. I would get so down and depressed because it was only .5 pounds and a couple times I quit just because of it. Make a promise with yourself that you won’t step on the scale again until you’ve completed the full seven days.

  49. Hi Hannah — Most people think they can just complete the cleanse and then the very next day gorge themselves on McDonald’s and it’ll be fine. I often get questions and comments that the weight comes back right after they completed the cleanse, and I always wonder what these people ate and did afterwards. You will for sure gain all the weight back plus more if you go back to old bad eating habits or go crazy because you’ve felt deprived. I use this cleanse as a “kick off” into eating clean and having a better diet. It’s not a miracle cleanse, no diet is and people expect this one to be. It works for some people and not so much for others. It’s about finding that balance.

    It’s motivating to me to see the numbers on the scale go down and motivates me to start making other changes after I complete the cleanse. I feel fresh and clean after this cleanse and it’s a great jump start into a new healthy period in my life. I’m inspired and motivated to keep eating all the fruits and veggies I can because I’ve seen the scale and what eating clean does to it. That’s my thinking behind it.

    My only tips and advice for easing back into a normal eating routine is don’t over do it! I’ve been so tempted to just stop and get fried chicken on the 8th day after the cleanse, but I know I would feel so guilty and would have thrown everything I worked so hard for away. Have fruit and yogurt or apples and peanut butter for breakfast or snacks. Make chicken, veggies and sweet potatoes for dinner. Enjoy the food that’s good for you and you won’t feel the need to go crazy after, plus you’ll keep it off. Good luck!

  50. Hey Cassandra I just started this diet today it’s only 1.30pm and instead of working I’m obsessing over it on the internet haha but glad I found this blog. How did you get on after because it seems like a lot of people just gain the weight back plus more! Do you have any tips for easing back into normal eating? Thanks!

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  53. Well you motivared me thx i just finished cooking the soup and i am starting on saturday cuz i am going in a visit thx a lot

  54. I finished the diet and love the results – I lost 5 lbs total but I’m happy I got a kick start πŸ™‚

  55. Hi – just found your blog and all the wonderful and encouraging comments. I’m on Day 4 of the Cabbage Soup Diet – I weighed myself this morning and was 3 lbs lighter :). I went to the gym as well and spend 30 min doing intervals on the elliptical and them some machine weights. I’m a mother of 3 and this is kickstarting me to stop giving in to temptation! I will update on my progress!

  56. I am just finishing up day 4 (bananas and skim milk), I found today to be the easiest day by far. SO looking forward to steak for breakfast. I have to agree, the soup was not for me, but after reading this I think I will force myself to have a second bowl today…blah 😦 I am down 8 lbs so far though, so hoping for 10+ lbs by the end of it! Worth it!!!! πŸ™‚ thanks ladies!

  57. My 3rd day is almost finishing. Today was a much easier day. Had a slight temptation today morning though however I am glad I did not fall for it. Tomorrow would be the biggest challenge for me… Can’t wait to get over with it. By the way, I lost 1.5kgs so far πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  58. Going through the 2nd day. 1st day was tough especially sine i’m definitely not a fruit-lover. But i did it successfully. Thank god! 2nd day is good so far as eating vegetables is fine with me. cant wait to taste baked potato with butter at night.

  59. im sorry for updating every 2seconds.

    the baked potato last night tasted like i was eating pizza!!! lol.
    on day 3 and going strong. following it to the latter.

  60. omw, half way through day 2. i never thought carots could taste so goooooood. :). im more motivated to continue.

  61. My 1st Day today trying the cabbage-soup-diet. I weighed myself today morning to keep track of my progress. I weigh exactly 60kgs. Hope to survive and succeed. Will keep you guys posted on the outcome.

  62. hi! im on day 2 of the detox and have already lost 0.5kg. todaY is VEGGIE Day :(. the only veggies i seem to enjoy is carrots, day 1 was not that bad, my boyfriend is joining me on the diet. its his day 1 and my day 2. the soup is delicious i eat it times a day. πŸ™‚ going strong for the next 5 days. thanx for the blog, it really keeps me motivated.

  63. Hi! I have never done this “cleanse” but I do juice detox for days often. Actually juicing right now. I’m the only person I know that doesn’t struggle with juicing. I wanted to know, can I juice all my veggies? On the day of the beef & tomato. Can I substitute the tomato or skip it? I have acid reflux and tomato is not good for me and I already adding some to the soup.


  64. Today was my first day diung the Cleanse! The most difclt was coming home the evening and not being able 2 enjoy pasta and meat … But I must say I these Comments really motivates and I will read it everyday!! To keep me going I had 4 cups of soup and I really want this 2 work.

  65. Having PCOS it is really hard to lose weight. I tried them all and remembered this one my mother did. I tried it and lost 10 pounds the first week. I love soup and vegetables so it isn’t hard for me. The bad day is the bananas which really jack my sugar. Going to sub vegetables for those in the future. I am going to do it for a month at least (60 pounds to drop to pre-back surgery). For those that did it over months, did it work less each subsequent week?

  66. Jessica — I noticed and so did my boyfriend. Normal everyday people will probably not, but people close to you might notice a leaner looking frame. This cleanse is great to kick-start a healthy diet life style.

  67. Kathleen — We are almost identical in weight and where we would like to be goal wise! I have no doubt you’ll be very close to your goal weight after the cleanse. Hang in there, you will be very proud of yourself when you complete this!

  68. Lost 5lbs in 2 days! Then i got married so didn’t complete it, am starting it again will let you know the results!

  69. Did it look like you had lost weight? Sometimes you lose weight and can’t tell, the scale is only showing it.

  70. I am on day 4 (banana day). This has been my hardest day. I cannot wait to eat meat tomorrow! I was down 4 lbs after day 2 but today I was only down 1 lb. I just need encouragement to make it to day 7. I do not have a lot of weight to lose. I am 5’7 and started at 144 but would like to be 135…..I just need to know this will be worth it.

  71. Day 3 of my CSD feel good but a bit bloated. Light headed of course but not a big deal. This is not a bad cleanse but im scared im going to loose my hard earned muscles as i enjoy high protein high fat and no carbs.Cant wait to eat chicken breast or fish ive tried one of the pants that. Will. Always feels tight after ive gained few pound,disappointed still tight in day 2.but im not giving up im going on till day 7.

  72. Thanks for the comment! I was looking for an actual detailed review when I first found out about this cleanse too!

  73. I’m on day one – except i made a soup using Canned Tomato, Spring Onion, Onion, Carrots, Can of beef broth, chicken stock, chilli flakes, salt & Pepper. I wizzed it all up so it’s a smooth soup rather than chunky. had a whole grapefruit for breakfast, and have had 3 portions of soup so far, with another planned for dinner and probably some strawberries. Dreading tomorrow and having a big craving for beer battered halloumi!!! fingers crossed, getting married at the weekend and need to lose 5lbs!

  74. Hi everyone am starting my cabbage soup diet tomorrow,Jenny-wow 15 pounds in a week. That’s amazing and congrats to everyone else on their great work. I really want to loose as much weight as possible in a week. Am just wondering Jenny and everyone else if you blend the soup will you still get the same weight loss if you take bowls of it as many people have mentioned it takes more calories to digest it, so am just wondering will blending the soup and taking it that way give the same results.

  75. I am on day 5. I don’t think I have lost weight at all because my clothes are still tight and I look the same. The only thing I have done wrong perhaps is SALT. I have put in chicken cubes in tom yum flavour into my soup and tossed in multipurpose seasoning into my raw veggies and meat. I will finish it till the end but I am sad thinking that I haven’t lost any weight at all. 😦

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  77. hi Cassandra ,I have a question that do you know that the acai berries really lose weight or not ?

  78. when am I going to lose weight on 7 day or not before because nothing happened till day 2 and my family told me to give up 😦 but I wont πŸ™‚

  79. Hang in there Alisha. You will be so happy in seven days LOL!

    Hmm… I believe green tea is…maybe— as long as it is 0 calories with no sugar. I would only suggest making green tea from tea bags though. Stay away from the already liquefied or cold tea that you get at the end of the grocery store cooler because that stuff has way too much sugar in it. In fact, I would stay away from any already made green tea. Stick with just making it from a tea bag. If you don’t like it hot then make it ahead of time and throw it in the fridge for a few hours with some ice in it. Remember you shouldn’t add anything else to it though.

  80. thanks Cassandra today was my first day I had my second bowl and It is so bland and unbearable but lets hope for the best

  81. Jessie — Hilarious! Thanks for sharing! I’m still cracking up over your “Day Four” and “Day Six description. People (including myself) need to take note of your attitude about this entire process — funny, positive, outgoing, optimistic and still living life! Good for you!

  82. Hi Alisha — This cleanse is a good way to begin a healthy life style. It does not solve permanent body issues, nor is it a miracle diet. Some people will say it is even a fad, but I like to think of it as a jump start to a healthy life style. It rids your body of toxins and all the garbage we all normally consume. It turns your body into a fat burning machine; however, to maintain this you must live an active and healthy life style after the cleanse is completed. I would recommend not listening to your friend and doing this for you. Think long and hard about the cleanse and dedicate yourself to it. You will feel great seeing the numbers go down on the scale, BUT, to maintain any sort of permanent weight loss you need to commit yourself to wanting to be healthy, not super skinny. I struggled for years with this issue. I’m going to give you a link to another Blog that I have followed for a long time. The girl who writes it is amazing and you will learn so much from her on what a good body image is. She also gives good tips to help you lose weight, recipes ideas and basically gives great advice for anyone looking to make a life style change in their body image. Follow people like this and you won’t need your friend putting you down about “getting fat”. Good luck and hang in there!

    The Blog is called Muffin Top-Less —

  83. Leesha — good luck, hope you’re hanging in there! This cleanse is tough because you really do always have to plan your life around it! I know you’ll bounce back and lose the weight you want to. You lost it to begin with so I know you have it in you!

  84. Ladies and gentleman I am the master of this diet (No that will not be on my grave stone when I die) that would just be embarrassing. However from my point there are two ways to go about this diet boys and girls depending on the type of mission you require. I shall move forward to lay out the two for you.
    FIRST: You just want to lose around 10 pounds if this is you then proceed to the top of this page and read the rather witty article again she has done it the correct and only way. I bid you farewell and good luck.
    SECOUND: You have reached the point of no return and can’t remember what you look like with one chin (That would be myself) Don’t Judge Me lol. I will start with the glory I lost 68 pounds in two months yes 68 pounds in two months. HOWEVER I did it my way due to the fact if I did it the way it says I would of taken a bite out of my desk and that is just bad manners.
    DAY ONE: Fruit ok be ready or as I like to say STAY READY I am from Los Angeles aka Mexico so my fruit day is cut up pineapples oranges and melon with chili salt and limes squeezed all over it (Thank me later). Toss some grapes in the freezer for the evening you will think you are eating ice cream.
    DAY TWO: Veggies one cut up tomatoes red onion and avocado add pepper fat free Italian dressing and toss it yummy. Baked potato I add a tiny bit of fat free sour cream and salsa then proceed to pray to whatever god you believe in or day three will break you.
    DAY THREE: all of the above no potato and you will miss that potato. And I also add whatever fruit I see steam some veggies blah blah blah.
    DAY FOUR: see above on a side note this is a good time to invest in some Nyquil and go to bed.
    DAY FIVE: If you have made it then the rest is smooth sailing I use Braggs marinades so go and so good for you holla at whole foods. 3 pieces of meat a day and veggies what can go wrong if you can’t make it on this day you don’t feel bad enough about losing your chin and bone structure in your face. (It’s no way to live my friends)
    DAY SIX: See above and try to watch some reruns of the golden girls that always passes time.
    DAY SEVEN: My favorite wondering why? It’s because I don’t do day seven when you need to do this diet over and over you need a cheat day. Welcome to food (but don’t get crazy) I wake up on this day and I go weight in yes I GO. Best thing to do is toss out your scale go to the market pay your 25 cents and get a print out of your weight an BMI waiting for this to print is like playing the lotto. After you will be happy when you are happy you call friends and say let meet up for lunch and cocktails enjoy this. Have a beer or three eat a good meal because Monday is FRUIT DAY!!!!!!!!!

    The soup yes I eat the soup but I add fresh cut up cilantro onion and jalapenos to it before I eat each bowl it’s like Christmas in July. So there you have it TO ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW, CAN I DO THIS OVER AND OVER AND TO ALL THE BUT I DON’T LIKE THIS CAN I USE THAT this diet is pretty simple and you can go a lot of ways with it make it your own in the guidelines don’t eat meat grab some veggie patties from trader joes already and call it a day.

    I wish you all good luck!!!

  85. I am 16 years old and I am 143.3 pounds. I literally wanna lose weight I don’t know what to do and my friend says that I will get fat again after this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me because after 14 days we have a festival

  86. This is awesome. My husband and I are starting this on Sunday (we have a wedding to go to this weekend and won’t be able to start it today like we wanted) but we’re going to do it for two weeks just to jump start our weight loss back up again. We both lost 80 pounds each in 6 months on Atkins 2 years ago and I’ve gained about 20 of it back. If I can get at least 10 of that off in the next two weeks with this diet I’ll be happy, then I can move on to other healthy eating and getting the remaining 30 I need off.

  87. Jamie — isn’t it weird the stuff you crave while doing this cleanse?! LOL. I always comment about how much I crave chips on this cleanse and I am not a chip fan at ALL while off the cleanse haha.

    You’ve seen an incredible weight difference so far and you’re only on day 4! You go girl!

    I’m not a big soup fan either, but I’ve never attempted the cleanse without the soup. I usually just force myself to eat one small bowl a day and that’s it. As long as you are stuffing yourself with fruit and veggies I think you’ll do fine — in fact I know you are doing fine by your positive attitude and weight loss so far!

    Hang in there, you’ll be done in no time and super proud of yourself for sticking it out!

  88. Joe — Tracee hit it right on the head, you just gotta keep on pushing! I would though suggest taking a few Tums to see if that makes your cramps any better. Any Advil or ibuprofen would probably help too. If you’re having trouble sleeping — which I sometimes do too while on the cleanse, in fact, I often get more sick at night then in the middle of the day! — try taking a light sleep aide tonight. Walmart has many nonhabbiting forming, non cold-related options to choose from.

  89. I am on day 4 with bananas and milk… yesterday was actually the hardest so far… I was craving everything BUT veggies and fruit and was even envious of my fiance who was just eating a plain ham sandwich. (And I don’t like ham :P) I haven’t made the soup… I’ve just been cramming myself full of fresh veggies and fruits which I love! (with the exception of yesterday) I’m just not a huge soup person. So having said that I thought maybe this “cleanse” wouldn’t work… well, I’ve actually lost 6 lbs so far! Started at 157 and I’m down to 151 today! I’m definitely not starving myself and have been constantly eating the fresh veggies and fruits that the days recommend. I’m sooooo looking forward to tomorrow! I love tomatoes and I can’t wait to eat meat! YAY!!

  90. Thx Tasha,
    I’m Doing it.
    I just have major cramps today. This is the only part I hate.
    They come and go,
    But they can get severe,
    I think I’m in labor!!!

  91. Joe,
    I am also on day 3 today…i didnt think i was going to make it, but i made it…the key is to just keep on pushing…this is the 3rd time ive done this..the first time, i lost 13 pds. the second time, i couldnt finish…since starting again on sunday, i have lost 4 pds…stay positive, it is so worth it in the end!

  92. Omg,
    I am on day 3 of this cleanse,
    And I slept like dirt last night.
    Stomach cramps.
    Constant bathroom visits,
    I understand that this is the cleanse working.
    I feel bloated and cramping,
    But I’m sticking to this!
    Jesus take the wheel!!!

  93. Josie — This will diffidently jump-start any healthy eating regimen. Good luck, hang in there and remember it’s only seven says!!

  94. I started mine today. I am excited! I love the taste i am just weird like that LOL. Plus, i am doing this because i want to get back healthy again and diabetes runs in my family. Pray for me!!

  95. 3BoysMommy — that is awesome that you have found something that works so well for you! Congrats on the success you have had and I wish you even more in the future! Keep kickin’ butt & thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  96. Jennie — that’s incredible about your energy level! I wish I had the same side affect! This is just another testament that every BODY responds differently to this cleanse. It will be easier and harder for others. Some will feel totally foggy-headed and tired, others will feel amazing and “clean”. It all depends. Congrats on your success so far!

  97. Nicole — great post! Thanks for sharing.! I’m sure tons of people have read your take on it and it has helped them. I think you and I are very similar! I was laughing over you planning on eating nachos and cinnamon buns the day after, but so proud that you choose not to! I did the same thing. I had these huge plans of going crazy the day after the cleanse was over (think Mac & Cheese), but in reality I just kept eating healthy. (Because why un-do all your progress?!)

    Also your comment on shoving your face with pizza, wings and beer LOL. Totally true! Especially when your friends are going out on the weekend that you’re doing this cleanse. It’s so hard! I always have violent cravings for chips on the cleanse and I absolutely HATE chips normally haha. You kept a really strong positive outlook during this week, something I think that everyone who attempts this (including myself) needs to remember. I also admire the fact that you didn’t keep stepping on the scale everyday (I have to fight myself not to do it too.)

    Your journey was fun to read about! Perhaps in the future we could do a guest post featuring your thoughts! I really enjoyed your point of view and like I said, I think it’s SO helpful to a lot of other people just looking for personal success stories on this cleanse. It’s true you will struggle, but you’re right in making the point that it’s ONLY seven days and you always see some sort of result. Congrats!

  98. Cabbage Soup Diet Lover — glad you’re doing great! Keep us updated!

  99. Tracee — it’s recommended you do a week on and a week off, just so you can get the proper nutrients your body needs, but it’s ultimately up to the person and how they feel. Remember if you limit yourself too much and too often you risk going crazy and bingeing, so I would plan it around how your body feels both physically and mentally.

  100. Rebecca, it’s doubtful that the smoothie concoction will make you gain weight. It’s virtually the same exact ingredients that you are supposed to eat on this day.

  101. This has been my postbaby diet 3 times. πŸ™‚ It always works by day 5… i dont follow the fruit day, veggie ,beef, banana days… Strickly cabbage soup, 5 days down 10. I love your story, you’re Funny!

  102. This is the best diet I have ever done. I don’t know why but on this diet I actaully had more energy – my Personal Trainer was amazed as he thought I would not be able to work out. I have lost 15 pounds in the week plus my BMI has decreased and my body fat content reduded alot. I LOVE the soup and its true eat as much of the soup as you possibly can. I am about to it start it again on Monday just for the sheer fact my energy levels are so good when I am on this diet.

  103. i am on day 1 today, hope i stick it out to day 7 this time around, 0n my last attempt I lost 10lbs in 4 days

  104. Well, here’s my week in a nutshell!

    I want to start by listing exactly what I put into my soup.
    One bunch green onions
    One red, One orange and One green pepper
    One can NO sodium diced tomatoes
    One can regular diced tomatoes
    3 fresh tomatoes
    Half a bunch of chopped celery
    Half a head of chopped cabbage
    Three tbsp minced garlic
    One carton of chicken broth
    One carton of No sodium chicken broth
    Two tbsp Bovril
    One pack Lipton Onion soup

    I put everything in a stock put and boiled for about 4 hours on low, then transfered to a food processor in batches until the whole pot was pureed.

    Okay, here’s each days experience. Although I’d like to stay positive where positive is due, I am not going to sugar coat the bad times! I want everyone to hear what you can expect to experience throughout the cleanse.

    DAY ONE!

    This day was one of the easiest I found. I started the day by taking a cleanse pill that I’ve taken for years only while trying to diet. It’s called CleanseSmart and the company is Renew LIfe. It’s a two part cleanse. Two pills for liver cleansing in the morning, and two for bowel cleansing right before bed. I HIGHLY recommend doing this cleanse with the CSD to help maintain daily BM’s! Fruit for Breakfast and snacks, and the soup for lunch and dinner. I really didn’t mind the soup. It’s just veggies after all! I had 3 apples, one peach and about 3 small bowls of soup this day. It did take me a long time to eat but I certainly wasn’t gagging or anything. I drank about 3 liters of water also, and had maybe 3 pieces of gum that I chewed only long enough to freshen my breath.

    DAY TWO!

    Boy did I ever dread this day! I’m not keen on eating veggies with no dip so I knew this day would be a challenge. I had half of a cucumber for breakfast, a few mixed veggies for a mid morning snack (blech) and two bowls of soup around 12 and 3 pm. I felt a little disconnected and fuzzy this day. When I got home at 6:15 to eat my baked potato and butter, it tasted as good as pizza! What a day saver! Again with about 3 liters of water (I did that much everyday actually).

    Day Three!

    Yay! Fruit again! I ate half a bag of cherries this day as well as the soup again. About two bowls. I didn’t mind this day at all! Also, by day three my body was getting adjusted to the lack of junk food and calories and my brain seemed a bit clearer.

    Day Four!

    I was excited for milk, even though I rarely drink it! We are 1% people, so the skim was a little boring, but I managed 5 bananas and 4 glasses of skim milk this day. I found it very filling even compared to the fruit days. No complaints. Again, each day gets easier as your body adjusts,


    Oh boy. I headed straight to the grocery store at 8am to buy a roasted chicken! I peeled all the skin off and ate chicken and tomatoes for breakfast! It was my favourite day for sure! I love tomatoes and the chicken was delish! I had a hard time eating soup this day because I just wanted more meat! I choked down one bowl, but I could tell it was getting harder. Tons of water this day. At least 4 liters.

    Day SIX!

    Wasn’t a fan of this day. I did poached salmon which I normally love, but it was so bland and I didn’t want any veggies or soup. I was very “off” this day. I did get down one bowl of soup, but it was small. I was exhausted from a very long week at work and I was feeling a little defeated. I went home, watched a movie and was in bed by 8:30.

    Day SEVEN!

    This was likely the worst day for me food wise. My body was used to not eating a lot so I didn’t feel starved, just bored. The rice is so gross. I wanted to pour melted butter and salt over it so badly, but instead mixed it into my soup and choked down may be 3/4 cup of each. I also had 10 cherries for breakfast, which was my ONLY cheat in the 7 days. I did sip on unsweetened, 100% natural cranberry juice throughout the day, plus my water. The juice kept me going, but that’s literally ALL I ate for the day.

    Well, this morning is day 8! After my morning evacutation I decided to step on the scale. (I’m usually a chronic “weigher” when I diet and do it everyday, so waiting 7 days was a real challenge for me.) I had no idea what to expect. I felt thinner for sure, but did I really lose 10 lbs? My starting weight was 157.2 and I’m a 5’7″ 25 year old female. I fluctuate between 138 and 150 generally from winter to summer, so my 157.2 was insane for me. I knew my tummy was flatter, my face was leaner, and my pants and shirts felt a little bit looser. The results? I was 148.8. 8.4 lbs lost in 7 days.

    I attribute not making it to the 10lb mark to not eating enough soup. In seven days I only ate just over half of my batch that I made. It’s weird, because I really didn’t mind the taste, but I just did NOT want to eat anymore of it!

    Well, that’s my story! My plan was to make my killer homemade cinnamon buns today on my day off and have nachos for dinner, but I think I’m going to go to the grocery store and fill up my cupboards with lots of healthy foods, and see if I can’t lose another 8.4 lbs in the next couple weeks!

    I will definitely do this diet again, and even with all it’s frustrating times where you want to shove your face with pizza and wings and beer, it’s ONLY SEVEN DAYS!!! You can do it, trust me.


  105. Great post. I am half way through my week and need to male another batch of soup. Your Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe sounds very good. I really like the way you tied the diet/cleanse together. The cleanse is exactly what I am seeing. This will be great when I am finished. Two benefits weight loss and system cleanse. Thanks for the great Cabbage Soup Diet Information!

  106. Well Ladies…(and Gent’s), I was going to wait until day 8 to update with my final weigh in and results, but I thought I’d give a quick look into how the last few days have been (currently on mid-day 5).
    I finished day two successfully, and by the time my baked (in my case microwaved) potato came around, I was so sick of veggies that the potato tasted as good as pizza! As I suspected this was the hardest day for me as I’m not used to eating plain veggies with no dip. I did eat two bowls of soup this day. Day three was easier with the addition of fruit again. Day four seemed easier still. And today…. my meat day finally arrived! I headed straight to the grocery store this morning and bought a whole roasted chicken, (It was seasoned, however I of course peeled off all the skin and just ate the breast), and six tomatoes. I love tomatoes so this was not a challenge for me. I had this for breakfast at 8:30am, and also again for an early lunch at 11. I had a bowl of soup at about 1:40pm and I am stuffed! This is the fullest I’ve felt in all 4 1/2 days! This is just a little motivation for those battling with the first couple days.
    I have not weighed myself yet. As a chronic “weigher” I decided I wasn’t going to frustrate myself with a daily weigh in, and I am waiting until day 8 morning to see the final results!.

    Come day 8, I will supply everybody with a FULL and DETAILED list of what I specifically ate, when I ate it, how it worked, how it made me feel and how successful it was!

    Stick it out everyone! I’m glad I pushed through those first few days! Very excited to see my results!

  107. I started the soup diet on Sunday (May 26, 2013), today is day 6 for me…I have already lost 10 pounds!! I was definitely a disbeliever when my sister recommended it to me. I worked out 3 days out of the week and by the 3rd day, the soup didn’t taste as bad as it had the first and second days. Is this soup diet something you do once and stop, or can you do it a second week?

  108. i’m on day four..and i made a smoothie with 7 bananas, skim milk and ice..ive been drinking it all day, and water plus my soup as well. will the smoothie make me gain weight?

  109. The soup consistency depends on how you prepare it. Sometimes the soup I make is thicker, sometimes it’s more water based. It doesn’t make a difference, as long as all (or most) of the ingredients are in it. (I hate mushrooms, so I omit those lol.)

  110. Yup, completely black coffee is allowed! Don’t forget you can add skim milk to your coffee on Day 4 also πŸ™‚

  111. does the soup have to be light or heavy? because mine is heavy sometimes, it feels like im just eating cabbage and the rest of the veggies in there..will that affect my weigh loss?

  112. I am planning on starting this diet at the beginning of next week. Is black coffee allowed at all? I don’t know what I will do without my caffiene kick

  113. Day 2 is always a killer, but more in the mental aspect! Remember keep eating if you feel hungry, it will save your from going insane! Good luck at the wedding this weekend though!

  114. Nicole — three bowls each around 8 ounces is a great amount of soup to eat each day. I can barely stomach one very small bowl so you’re doing great! Remember the more soup you eat the more you lose because it takes more calories to burn it off then what is in the actual soup. As far as the no fruit thing on some days, I usually will eat some sort of fruit for breakfast each morning while on the cleanse. I usually eat a small apple or grapefruit because other wise I’d get stick if I didn’t eat breakfast, and there’s no way I can eat the soup for breakfast or vegetables first thing in the morning either. It’s all about finding what works for you, but also trying to stick as close as you can to the guidelines. There’s room for varying it with each person, and if you’re only trying for 15 lbs then I’m sure you can afford to eat fruit for breakfast. Good luck!

  115. I am on day two today and your input is helpful and supportive (y)
    I guessed from the diet plan that day 2 is the hardest.. I have a reception on Thursday and a dinner on Saturday I hope I will not cheat 😦

  116. I’m so glad I found this website and got to read all the comments and success stories! I am just finishing day one of my cleanse!

    I found today quite bearable, however I am dreading tomorrow with no fruit. I will have a hard time with breakfast for sure, but I am so determined to drop the 15 lbs I need to fit into my summer clothes again!

    I don’t mind the taste of the soup, but I’ve never been a huge “soup” fan, so I’m finding it does take me a long time to eat. I’m trying to force it down though.

    One thing that is not mentioned is how large of a bowl qualifies as one bowl? I ate three bowls today, but all were pretty small. Maybe 8 ounces or so each. I did put all of my soup in my food processor to make it more smooth and I think that will work much better for me.

    Looking forward to meat day already!

  117. I love your approach to The Cabbage Soup Diet. By giving information on the cleansing part of the Diet, it does not seem as restrictive. I now have two reasons to compete the diet/cleanse. I also appreciate the heads-up on how you felt on some of the days. I am looking forward to starting the Cabbage Soup Diet this weekend.

  118. Good for you! And nice work getting your boyfriend to do this with you! My boyfriend absolutely refuses lol. I agree with you on feeling energized at some parts and I would say it’s probably from the no grain or processed food. Don’t beat yourself up over the donut though. You spit it out and you continued on. No time for set backs only come backs! Good luck in the next few days, I know you can hang in there and you’ll be so happy you did!

  119. This is my 2nd time doing the cleanse (last time was several years ago) and I am currently on Day 3. So far, so good. Day 2 was the hardest for me with nothing sweet, but having a baked potato was a nice treat, even if it had no salt. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s banana/milk day and have already been fantasizing about making a smoothie with the ingredients.

    My boyfriend is doing the cleanse with me and has struggled a bit more than I have. He ate a piece of bread last night, but I resisted and feel really good today. Energized with a mental clarity from I what I believe is no grain or processed food. It motivates me to keep going but then my boss brought donuts in to work today and I finally gave in, grabbed one, took a bite, chewed it up and then spit it out. Sort of a cheat, but in the end I still resisted the urge and threw the rest away. 4 more days ~ I CAN DO THIS!!

  120. i am starting mine next week..i really hope it works, so far all the comments i have read are positive so ill let you know of the progress.

  121. Vikki – Great idea with the bananas. Cinnamon is a good metabolism booster as well. As far as the weight, sometimes I find it best if I don’t weight myself during the cleanse. I’ll just weight myself the day before and the day after because I started going crazy obsessing over it. Don’t stress too much or you’ll start to go crazy too. Just focus on taking each day at a time and whatever happens at the end happens – and if it’s not exactly 10 pounds, you’ll still feel healthy because this is a great detox from processed food.

  122. Hi – I started the cabbage cleanse on Monday and found the first 3 days really ok! I think the soup has a really nice taste to it and I love vegetables anyway – I’m am struggling a bit today with the bananas and milk… A good tip for breakfast though is to poach bananas in milk with a bit of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg.. Delicious! Am a little worried though as have followed this diet to a T but I’m on day 4 and have only lost 3lb?? Is that normal?

  123. Yes absolutely still take any diet pills/diet supplements this week. The added caffeine and ingredients in these pills will help with the cleanse. I also recommend taking a basic multivitamin to get more minerals and vitamins this week. In fact, you should always take a multivitamin πŸ˜‰

    As for working out, every single person is different while completing this cleanse. Some people have bursts of energy, while others feel very tried and sluggish. I am one of those people that feel very sluggish and low on energy. I would recommend listening to your body and not over doing it if you are going to attempt to work out. Remember, the reason this diet works is because you are burning more calories than you are consuming, so burning even MORE calories by working out might leave you feeling exhausted. I’m a runner and a cardio fanatic, so I know I cannot work out while doing this because I’d probably run until I collapsed LOL and that’s not the outcome you want of course!

    Maybe start off with walking a mile or two and doing a very small amount of life lifting to see how you handle it. If you feel even more exhausted, skip the workouts (it’s only 7 days.) If you find that you handle the workouts OK, try to gradually increase. Be sure to not over do it though. Remember, the diet get’s trickier each day. Be sure to not workout so hard that you get so tired that you binge and don’t complete the cleanse.

    Good luck this week!

  124. Today is my first day starting the diet. Can i still take my diet pills ( oxy pro elite) along with this diet?

  125. I’ve heard great things about Mrs. Dash with any diet, I need to pick some up! Great idea with adding the rice to the soup. I was so sick by day 7 I couldn’t eat plain brown rice. Adding it to the soup might make it a little “thicker” and more appealing.

  126. Mrs. Dash has a lot of salt free seasonings! I sprayed olive oil PAM on spring mix of fresh greens and covered with Mrs. Dash’s tomato, basil & garlic seasoning, along with McCormick cracked lemon pepper and a splash of apple cider vinegar. I have also roasted brussels sprouts, asparagus, and steamed broccoli with a spray of PAM and seasonings. Some sites say you can have a small baked potato at the end of ur day 2 as a reward with tiny bit of butter and seasonings but still no salt. On ur banana day, freeze some sliced bananas until hard and put in a processor or mixer until smooth like ice cream with a dash of cinnamon. On the last day, I recommend putting the brown rice in ur soup since u can’t add salt or soy sauce. Keep pushing! I’m on day 6, round 2 and haven’t been the most friendliest at times lol.

  127. Thanks Julie for the inspiration. I weighed myself this morning (morning of day 2) and was down 1.2. Today is the hard one for me. Veggies without salt is a tough one. Good luck to everyone.


  128. Im currently on day 5 and when I weighed myself on the morning of Day 4, I had lost 5 pounds already. I did this a month ago and lost 10 exactly after Day 7. Good Luck!

  129. I too am on day 1. Made a huge mistake and did not do the diet over the weekend. I have a weigh in at work (in the Army) this week. Definately need to loose about 5lbs to be comfortable. Is it realistic to loose 5 lbs in 3 days or is the weight loss more at the end of the diet? Good luck all.- Samm

  130. Starting diet today.. So far so good. Was excited to read idea listed on banana day, can’t wait to try it, my husband is skeptical of the cleanse, so out to prove him wrong since he wouldn’t join me on it. -Rachael

  131. Hi I just started this today! so far so good except the craving for a cheese burger…I read that you can steam veggies but can you also bake? One of he variations of the cleanse i found had a baked potato on day 2 only..strange. But i was curious about making some spaghetti squash with a plain tomato sauce..something different for dinner on day 2 or 3. Thanks!

  132. Austin, you make a really valid point. I’ve done this cleanse a hand full of times and every time I have been ridiculously negative about it. I just assume a negative mind set because it’s hard. It’s ironic too, because I usually try to live with a positive attitude. I am a firm believer of having a positive outlook and that good things will happen to those who think good things.

    I think I need to follow your advice the next time I attempt this cleanse and I think that others reading this will take this into account as well. Thanks for the input!

  133. Thanks for your thoughts on it. Forgive me if my impression is not correct (And it probably isn’t) but it looks to me as if you were rather negative while writing it. Perhaps try being more positive? That bit about a person pinching his/her nose seemed as if it would make him/her loathe the soup before it even got in his/her mouth; Luke 17:33.

  134. Your welcome! I was in shock when I tried it and it was actually delicious! I’m going to do the cleanse again in April so if anyone else has some tips, please share!

  135. That is a good idea. Don’t drive yourself crazy watching the scale everyday and beating yourself up over it. Good luck!

  136. When I do this cleanse I crave photo chips and I HATE them usually LOL. Don’t get discourage about 7 pounds, that’s nothing — you will shed it in no time with this cleanse, plus simple diet and exercise.

    I always feel tired during this cleanse, and toward the end (like day 6) I have trouble focusing. The only thing that sort of made me feel better was to keep eating the foods you can. Get in any and all energy and remember it’s ONLY a week. You can do it, hang in there!

  137. Some people drink coconut milk or soy milk instead. All in moderation I’d say. If you absolutely cannot stand these substitutes, I would probably try low fat, plain Greek yogurt, but a small amount.

  138. Sherry, it helps to have someone else to “suffer” through it with. You can hold each other accountable, plus talk about all the delicious food you are craving LOL. Good luck to you both! You will feel great after!

  139. Im 15 and this is my 2nd day i have not weighed myself yet. Im waiting till the end of this diet to see a huge number lost instead of checking everyday
    XX i hope this works

  140. Day one for me has been a success. However, I have had cravings for donuts, jalapeno cheetos, and cheerios. Dont ask why, never really eat any of those on a regular basis. Im a freshman in college and I have gained about 7 pounds, not exactly as bad as the freshman 15, but I used to be very active in high school so Im not used to weighing 128 lbs. I know its not a bad weight, but I would just like to drop some lbs. Your blog is so inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing. Did you ever feel kind of tired or sluggish throughout the day? I didnt make the soup until this evening so that might be why.

  141. This is day one for me. I just had my first bowl soup after eating my fruits this morning. Not having problems so far. My husband also started with me today so we will see how it goes!

  142. I did this diet 2 weeks ago and lost 12 lbs. I’m starting again tomorrow 3/18/13. I will continue to do this one week on and one week off until I reach my goal of 60 lbs. It’s not too hard for me especially since I’m seeing such great results!!

  143. I am on day 2 of the the diet/cleanse, and so far so good. If I can get through today with eating veggies, the rest should be an easy ride for me. I also would like to add drinking a herbal laxative tea at night. That will also help with the cleanse to exude all of the waste in your body. I work a 9-5, and I don’t have any issues with constantly going to the restroom with the tea. If you drink it at night, you would usually go in the morning. I reccomend smoothe move, you can get it in any organic supermarket. In one day I lost 3lbs, excited to see what happens in 7 days. Good luck everyone!

  144. I am going to start the cabbage soup cleanse on Monday, 3/18/13. After reading everyone’s comments, I just figured it could not hurt to try it. I love cabbage (although after this, I’m not sure if I will want to eat it again. lol) so I am hoping my love for cabbage outweighs the blandness of the soup. lol

  145. Thanks Cassandra! I am sitting here at work, eating my soup now lol. It’s actually really good! I added fresh cilantro and rosemary, along with crushed garlic. I did purchase some tofu, which I like if it’s crunchy, but that wouldn’t be allowed in the “cleanse” so I will tough it out and I’m sure it will be worth it. I say that now, lol before eating it. I have a light soy milk, but it has about a gram and a half of fat per serving, so I went with the organic skim milk, since I couldn’t find a fat free soy milk. I really appreciate the blog, you are providing the much needed encouragement! πŸ™‚

  146. Hi Julie! I’m not sure about this. I would have suggested egg, but obviously not if you don’t eat them! Perhaps try tofu or maybe plain low-fat Greek yogurt? Do you usually eat tofu? Remember, you will eat a good amount of it during those two days, so make sure you can handle it without going crazy! I would also say that soy milk would be acceptable as well as a substitute. As a vegetarian I’m sure you’ll do great on the only fruits and veggie days, good luck!

  147. I’m a vegetarian, so what do you think I could substitute for the beef? Would plain tofu (yuck) work? I love vegetables and fruit, so I don’t want the meat to hold me back. I don’t eat eggs or fish either. Also, I can do skim milk, but I prefer soy. I would like to go grocery shopping this evening so input ASAP Pleeease! πŸ™‚ I appreciate it!!

  148. I don’t know how you prepared your soup but my best friend made mine and the only thing she changed was leaving out the bouillon and soup mix and instead just season it with black pepper. I thought it was delicious and ate 2-3 bowls a day at least. Tomorrow is my day 7 and I’ve already noticed a huge change in weight loss just by appearance. I’m looking forward to eating whatever I want but will definitely be trying to do things more nutritiously in the future so I can keep the weight off. I only drank water all week except for the milk day and a small cup of green tea with jasmine on day 2 to try to curb the caffeine headache. I no longer get headaches and am definitely staying off sodas and probably caffeinated drinks period. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  149. Hi Cassandra, thank you for your feed back, today was really hard for me i was ok in the morning like i said I had my fruits and then a bowl of soup and felt full i took your advise and ended up having all together today 3 bowls the last bowl killed me as i had to watch my family eat hamurgers and homemade fries as i made also dinner for them. I have to admit i almost gave up. im not sure what i will do tomorrow but i am hoping not to give up. We are leaving to go away on vacation and i realy want to feel good and look good. i am at 145 lbs i am hoping to get back to 135. i will keep you posted on my day tomorrow.

  150. Stuff yourself even when you are not hungry! A. It will keep you sane B. The more soup you eat, the more weighty you’ll lose. The soup plus all the veggies/fruit takes more calories to burn then there are in it to eat, so eating more of everything – especially the soup — will benefit you more in the end. Stay strong, you can def finish it and you’ll be happy and proud when you do!

  151. I like to attempt/try the cleanse, then do a week or so off, then try/attempt it again. During the off weeks I continue to eat healthy and workout. Keeps me sane!

  152. Good for you, hope you finished! Share any and all advice that you think is important for others to know!

  153. Hope you continued! Remember it is ONLY seven days and you will see results and feel GREAT afterwards

  154. Hope you continued! Remember it is ONLY seven days and you will see results and feel GREAT afterwards.

  155. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it is absolutely up to you. I would recommend taking a break, maybe three to five days (while continuing to eat healthy) and then start back up on the cabbage soup diet/cleanse. If you stay on the cleanse too long you might risk binging/going crazy, but it also depends on you, your will power, etc. Good luck!

  156. Hi Today is the first day starting this diet, i had a nice bowl of fruits in the morning and felt full. For lunch i had a bowl of soup and felt really full. My question is what if you dont feel hungry do you stil have to eat the soup? and the fruits. Or can you just have it when you fell hungry? any help would be great. thank you

  157. Greetings I just wanted to add my 2 cents particularly to the person who asked if they can stay on it for over 7 days. You can stay on it but over time you will begin to notice diminishing results. I personally am using a variant of it with and Intermitent Fasting program. The problem with any one week program is that yes you can get miraculous results but you will gain it back because you are not addressing the core issue that caused your problem in the first place.

    What you can do do however is replace a meal a day with cabbage soup. It becomes a fiarly viable long term soloution.

  158. I just could not wait for day four to come! Now, i look forward to day five when i can have some beef… My mistake is i didnt check my weight before starting the cleanse but i hope to be able to wear some clothes after am done… And yes,this blog is what has kept me sane!

  159. I smiled when i read that i could mix it all in a mixer! Just started today and i almost gave up but i won’t cuz i need to lose some weight.

  160. Thank you Cassandra. I’m worried about today….I drank quite a bit of skim milk and 5 bananas and only 3 bowls of the soup. I hope my weigh-in in the morning is as good as my previous days πŸ™‚

  161. Your soup idea is a great alternative for people who cannot stand the soup (like me!) I have always wanted to do this cleanse regularly like you, but am never disciplined enough! It’s so true though that you never actually feel ridiculously hungry on this cleanse, just more deprived of junk food/normal food LOL. Whenever I do this cleanse I always crave potatoes chips — which I normally hate!

  162. Good for you! Keep up the hard work! I’m so impressed you even workout too, you go girl! You will diffidently see GREAT results!

  163. I am on my second day of the “cleanse”, and am already down 6 lbs πŸ™‚ I am following the program to a T which seems to be fairly easy for me. I am a big veggie lover, and don’t feel this diet is too far off my usual path. I love the soup and have eaten at least 6 bowls a day. I chopped/shredded the ingredients up very small, which in my opinion, makes a huge difference because everything gets cooked all the way through. The biggest obstacle for me, is switching out my diet soda for at least 11 glasses of water a day. I am sure this also is contributing to my progressive weight loss. I have actually felt more energy than usual, so I have worked out at least 25 min each evening. I feel that doing so before bed will help me sleep better (Which it has)
    I started the cleanse because I recently returned from a business trip where I was “forced” to eat a lot of amazing meals…lol and packed on a few extra lbs. This diet is just what I needed. Hope the lbs stay off after it’s finished :`) I really enjoy reading all of your progress. Happy Cleansing everybody!!!

  164. I did this clense for 7 days before Christmas and lost 9 pounds , i varied it a little however and didnt make the cabbage soup but had tomato soup and other no cream soups , but i only had maybe 2 servings of soup per day along with veg and fruit , i do it for one week , take a break for two weeks ( but still eat healthy ) and then do another week so it works that i do it the first and last week for each month , it works really well , the cravings go away and never really felt hungry ( just deprived haha )

  165. I’m on day one and was already thinking that I cannot eat this soup for 7 days. Your blog motivates me. One day at a time…..Thank you! πŸ™‚

  166. That is a GREAT idea, especially because I hate that veggies in the soup because I can never cook them fully!! AKA the carrots are always still hard! But if you use a mixer to make all the vegetables as small/chopped up/smooth as possible, then it could very well be easier to eat. Great idea! Thanks! I would recommend this tip to anyone who is having trouble with the soup, after all eating the soup is THE MOST important part of this diet/cleanse. Do not skip it by any means, find a way to eat as much as possible.

  167. Wow, I cannot believe your husband lost 30 pounds on this diet! But it’s very believable!

    You are absolutely right about eating A LOT of the soup though. The more you eat the more you’ll lose. It’s hard, but it’s how it works. For readers who haven’t tried this diet/cleanse before – maybe not set your goal to 30 the first few times (although it obviously can be done.) Each person is different and depending on how much excess weight and fat you have prior, each person’s results will vary. BUT it’s incredibly important to remember that the key to why this cleanse works is because of eating the soup – so don’t skip it.

    Thanks for the tip on steaming the veggies, I’ll have to try that next time I do this cleanse, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before!

  168. My husband competes in mixed martial arts, and has done this diet several times to cut weight. One week he actually lost 30 pounds! But there is one thing he told me you must remember about the diet: the reason the diet works is because your body burns more calories digesting the soup than there are in the soup. The biggest mistake most people make is believing that eating as little as possible will make them lose more weight, but it’s quite the opposite… the more soup you eat, the more weight you will lose… so force as much of it down as possible! The less you eat, the less there is to digest, and digestion is where you lose the most calories this week.

    To help with your vegetable days… you ARE allowed to steam your veggies. Steaming your vegetables is better than boiling due to the fact that the vegetables retain their natural vitamins and nutrients. When you boil veggies, they lose most of their nutrients in the water you boil them in. So, to get through the veggie days, just steam your vegetables! Nobody likes raw vegetables enough to make it through this day while still eating as much as possible.

    Good luck!

  169. Good for you! I agree finishing up this diet makes you feel so skinny and I’m so glad you lost 10 pounds — it’s so hard but so worth it not only physically but mentally too because you actually see progress on the scale and it motivates you even more. I’ve been meaning to do the cleanse for a few weeks now, my brother’s wedding is coming up June 30, so I will most likely complete it the week before. I’m so glad it worked out for you and keep up the great work with the personal trainer, you are very inspiring!

  170. It really is true that you have to prepare for it! I’ve been wanting to do the cleanse again for some time, but I have so much going on that includes going places and eating places and what not that it’s super hard to find a time to plan out doing the cleanse for the week, and then plan out living AROUND doing the cleanse lol. I always say that if you stick to this cleanse to a T for 7 days you will lose 10 pounds, but it really is hard — but worth it. You seem to have mastered it a little better than me, actually enjoying the soup! AH I thought it was terrible and had to force myself to eat it every day. I am defiantly going to try your ideas with all those spices, and that’s a great idea with the yogurt and cinnamon, my roommate also hates milk, I’ll have to let her know your idea!

  171. OK remember I told you I was gonna keep you updated on my weight loss once I got off the Cabbage soup diet, Well I know It’s been Months now but while I was on this diet I lost 10pounds in 7days πŸ˜‰ And when I got off of It I felt so skinny but my taste buds was not good at all I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and once I left I hated It lol, But now I’m trying to keep the weight off I work out like 2to3 times a week and I have a personal trainer that’s about It, I might give It a try one more time I haven’t really decided yet, Have a GREAT day.

  172. I loved the soup! maybe I had the wrong recipe. I added a huge carton of mushrooms to it, used spicy V8 and canned tomatoes with Mexican spices but no salt. on fruit days I squeezed lime into it. for veggies, I ate baby cucumbers chopped up with red pepper & yellow pepper & a bag of fresh broccoli. I added chipotle pepper & lemon & a teaspoon of vinegar, as it was quite large. It lasted me all day & I was barely hungry for supper. I heated the soup up & liked it better everyday. I also added ginger to the soup. my problem was the banana & skim milk day. I do not do milk & haven’t since childhood. I used plain yougart in its place & added cinnamon. I managed to get thru this day….which was my hardest. I am going out of town & will not be able to complete the 7 days and I was so looking forward to beef day…but I will do this diet again & be a bit more prepared as I go.

  173. It’s corny to say this, but you can honestly finish this diet if you put your mind to it. My roommate and I both lost ten pounds and we followed it exactly, I have no doubt you will see the same results if you do the same! It’s hard mentally but worth it after day seven. Good luck this week and keep reminding yourself that the diet isn’t forever plus you’re gonna feel great when you see your weight down 10 pounds!

  174. LOL I understand the craving part, I just started the Cabbage soup diet as of 04/10/2012 this Is my first day the soup Itself Is ok, But I know eventually I wll get tired of It, This Is my first time ever trying a diet like this I just hope It works and I lose the weight I have a Personal as well so i won’t be able to workout with her but once this week which Is good because I know I will feel weak, Anyway your blog Is good Information (Good luck to you)

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