Ironman Training – 2 Week Recap {Weeks 13 & 14}


We are cruising through Week 15, and that means training is about half way over — which is absolutely terrifying. Some days I feel great and like I’m making progress, other days I feel panicked and behind (even though I have not missed a single workout!)

30 weeks is simultaneously forever and also not enough time…

Week 13 was my first full week at the new gym. The pool is crazy crowded every single time I go, but thankfully people are really nice and understanding. Nobody likes sharing a lane or “circle” swimming, but it’s gotta be done.

Week 13
Total Mileage: 95 Miles
Total Time: 11:03 Hours

In Week 14 I began to see some serious run improvements (and even more so in Week 15). I’m usually around a 10:00 pace. It’s comfortable for me. I venture out and do a little faster from time to time, but pretty steadily I’m right around 10 minute miles. In Week 14 suddenly a 9:20 or 9:10 pace began to feel comfortable and normal! Even into this week’s training I ran a few 8:30’s and felt really good! It’s amazing to feel a legit breakthrough like this! I can’t wait to run again tomorrow to see how I feel.

Week 14 was also my highest numbers yet. Yep…we are slowly, but surely getting there my friends!

Week 14
Total Mileage: 103 Miles
Total Time:12:17 Hours

Lately I have been throwing in my rest day whenever and wherever I need it. Sometimes it’s during the week and sometimes it nicely lands on a Sunday, in which case I sleep in and then go hiking and out to lunch with my husband!

Convenient and fun rest days!

Convenient and fun rest day hikes!

My longest indoor training ride was a few days ago in Week 14. Three and a half hours!! *GULP* It was brutal, but more so mentally than physically. Afterwards I swore off never riding indoors longer than 3.5 again, but as the week plays out, my 4-hour ride this Sunday is looking more and more like another indoor ride… UGH. I don’t know what to do. I’d have to drive 40 minutes away to find bike paths or not-super-packed roads to ride on. Also it’s pretty cold here still and I don’t want to be miserable. Nothing is more exhausting than biking around in the cold trying to fill time and/or miles.. BUT if I just do it on the trainer I don’t have to drive anywhere, it’s warm, it’s safer and I know my exact time and mileage without having to lollygag around.

There will be a time and place for an outdoor long ride, I’m just not sure it’s this weekend.

Preparing for my 3.5 hour ride

Preparing for my 3.5 hour ride

But what am I going to do for 4 hours? I watched two stupid movies on my 3.5 hour ride and that barely did anything for me. I’ll admit I teared up around 3 hours because I was so bored and out of my mind and I wasn’t sure I was going to get through it. But afterwards I was so proud and happy to see 50 miles on my bike computer!

What do you guys do to pass the time on the indoor trainer? Movies? Music? Puzzles? Books? A tranquilizer?

Keep on keeping on… and pray for me and my 4-hour ride.

2 thoughts on “Ironman Training – 2 Week Recap {Weeks 13 & 14}

  1. Thank you! It’s nice to see the speed gain and helps my confidence. I did end up getting outside this weekend with a sudden turn of events with the weather – it ended up being bright and sunny on Sunday so I was able to get my long ride in. Funny you mention using the trainer during the final weeks of training – I agree all the accidents I hear about are so close the race!! That’s scary.

  2. Nice work! You will always feel like you are falling behind or neglecting something. Try not to sweat it and trust yourself and trust the program.

    A few quick comments.

    1) It is surprising to many that the gains in speed that occurs when you are “only” doing long workouts at low intensity. Bottom line is that your body becomes more efficicient at these intensity levels. You get faster at the same level of effort and you gain endurance (physical AND mental). Almost all of my PRs occurred during my IM training cycle (1 mile to 70.3). The speed bump is real and it will continue to improve.

    2) There is debate about trainer vs outdoor cycling training. Many pros do trainer only. I prefer outdoor cycling (cycling is technical and against the elements…you don’t get that on the trainer. Getting in some “crummy weather training rides” have value. Gaining confidence in the rain, wind, heat and cold is worthwhile. Hopefully, you will get perfect weather, but being ready for anything is valuable (except snow…you are screwed if you get a June blizzard. Of course, that happened at Boise 70.3 a few years ago). That said, do NOT take the bike out and stay on the trainer in the final few weeks of training. I heard of so many crashes on the final 1-2 training rides a couple of weeks before the race. When you are tapering the bike, taper it inside.

    You are on track and will do great. Keep it up!

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